Kira Enders : Couple Accused of Fake $1M Lottery Win

By | April 20, 2024



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A Florida couple is facing felony charges for allegedly faking a million-pound lottery win in Pensacola. Kira Enders and her boyfriend Dakota Jones tried to pass off a phony $50 lottery ticket as a $1 million prize. However, officials quickly uncovered the scam, noting that the ticket was actually two tickets pieced together unskillfully. Despite Enders confirming ownership of the ticket and signing an affidavit declaring its authenticity, further investigation revealed that the tickets had no winning prize. The couple’s inconsistencies in their stories led to their arrest. Sheriff Chip Simmons emphasized that attempting to deceive the lottery authorities was a criminal act, not a winning strategy.

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The Florida Couple Who Tried to Fake a Million-Dollar Lottery Win in Pensacola

In a bizarre turn of events in Pensacola, Florida, a couple attempted to pull off a daring scam by faking a million-dollar lottery win. Kira Enders and her boyfriend, Dakota Jones, now find themselves facing felony charges for their failed attempt at deception.

The Unravelling of the Scam

Authorities were quick to uncover the elaborate ruse orchestrated by Enders and Jones. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office was alerted when the couple tried to pass off a counterfeit $50 lottery ticket as a $1 million prize winner. However, their plan quickly fell apart when officials discovered that the ticket was actually two tickets clumsily pieced together.

One of the glaring signs that gave away the fraudulent nature of the ticket was the mismatched words on the back, a tell-tale sign of a poorly executed forgery. Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons expressed disbelief at the audacity of the couple, stating, “They had an individual that thought that they could crudely take two tickets and put them together and pretend as if they were a million-dollar winner.”

The Arrest and Investigation

When Enders attempted to cash in the fake ticket, officials immediately recognized it as a forgery. Despite her insistence that the ticket was genuine, a further investigation revealed that neither of the two tickets had a winning prize. The sheriff remarked that this was far from a perfect crime, as the discrepancies in the ticket were glaringly obvious.


Less than a week after their failed attempt, Enders contacted the lottery office in a bid to claim her non-existent prize. However, investigators seized the opportunity to meet with her in person, along with Jones, who had driven her to the office. The inconsistencies in the couple’s stories and the evidence of the mismatched tickets led to their eventual arrest.

The Consequences of Deception

As Simmons aptly put it, “If you’re going to try to claim a million dollars, you’ve got to do a lot better than this.” The couple’s brazen attempt at fraud not only failed but also landed them in legal trouble. Despite their desperate attempts to assert the authenticity of the ticket, the evidence stacked against them was undeniable.

In a cautionary tale of greed and deceit, Enders and Jones learned the hard way that crime doesn’t pay. Their ill-conceived plan to defraud the lottery system not only cost them their freedom but also tarnished their reputations. As the saying goes, honesty is always the best policy.

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