Kenyan MPs Fund Belief: Kenyan citizens view MPs, Senators, and MCAs as project funders

By | April 18, 2024



1. Unconstitutional CDF and Ward Funds
2. Role of MPs and Senators
3. Advocacy vs Project Funding by MCAs

Aside from the grave unconstitutionality of CDFs and Ward funds, is the fact that Kenyans now believe that the work of MPs, Senators and MCAs is to fund projects rather than to advocate and represent their constituencies, counties and wards in parliament and county assemblies.

In a tweet by Natasha Kimani, she highlights the negative impact of Constituency Development Funds (CDFs) and Ward funds in Kenya. She argues that these funds have led to a misconception among Kenyans, who now believe that the primary role of MPs, Senators, and MCAs is to finance projects rather than advocate for their constituencies. This shift in perception undermines the core function of these elected officials to represent and serve the interests of the people. The tweet raises concerns about the blurred lines between funding projects and fulfilling the responsibilities of parliamentary and assembly members.

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In recent years, there has been a growing concern among Kenyans regarding the role of Members of Parliament (MPs), Senators, and Members of County Assemblies (MCAs) in the allocation of Constituency Development Funds (CDFs) and Ward funds. The issue at hand is not just about the unconstitutionality of these funds but also about the perception that these elected officials are primarily responsible for funding projects rather than advocating for and representing their constituents in parliament and county assemblies.

The controversy surrounding CDFs and Ward funds stems from the fact that these funds are often used for projects that fall outside the scope of the roles and responsibilities of MPs, Senators, and MCAs. While these funds were initially intended to empower elected officials to address the development needs of their constituencies, they have now become a way for politicians to gain popularity and support by funding projects that may not necessarily align with the needs of the people they represent.

One of the main concerns raised by Kenyans is that the focus on funding projects has shifted the priorities of elected officials away from representing the interests of their constituents. Instead of advocating for policies and legislation that benefit the people they serve, MPs, Senators, and MCAs are now more focused on securing funds for projects that can boost their public image and increase their chances of re-election.

This shift in focus has led to a lack of accountability and transparency in the allocation of CDFs and Ward funds. Many Kenyans feel that these funds are being misused or misappropriated, with little to no oversight or accountability mechanisms in place to ensure that the funds are being used for their intended purposes. This has eroded trust in the political system and has left many citizens feeling disillusioned with their elected representatives.

In addition to the concerns about accountability and transparency, there is also a growing realization that the reliance on CDFs and Ward funds for development projects is not sustainable in the long term. While these funds may provide short-term benefits in the form of infrastructure projects or community initiatives, they do not address the underlying issues of poverty, inequality, and lack of access to basic services that many Kenyans face.

To address these challenges, there is a need for a re-evaluation of the role of MPs, Senators, and MCAs in the development process. Instead of being seen as project funders, elected officials should be encouraged to focus on their core responsibilities of advocating for policies that benefit their constituents, representing their interests in parliament and county assemblies, and holding the government accountable for its actions.

Ultimately, the issue of CDFs and Ward funds is not just about the allocation of funds but about the larger question of what it means to be a public servant. Elected officials have a duty to serve the people who elected them, and this duty should be reflected in their actions and decisions. By reorienting the focus of MPs, Senators, and MCAs towards advocacy and representation, we can ensure that the needs and priorities of Kenyans are at the forefront of the political agenda.