Cory Austin Yandell : Man Charged with Felony Battery for Injuries to 7-Year-Old

By | April 18, 2024



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A local man was arrested on a felony battery charge Tuesday after allegedly hitting a 7-year-old with a belt multiple times, causing bleeding injuries. Cory Austin Yandell, 26, of Sterling Drive, was charged with second-degree domestic battery, which carries a possible 10-year prison sentence. Yandell, with no prior felony record, was held on zero bond and was scheduled to appear in Garland County District Court. The child’s injuries were documented by Child and Family Services, and he disclosed during an interview that Yandell had struck him with a belt that morning. Yandell admitted to the allegations during questioning by sheriff’s investigators.

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The Scene of the Incident: A Quiet Residential Neighbourhood

A local man, Cory Austin Yandell, found himself in handcuffs on Tuesday after a disturbing incident unfolded in a serene neighbourhood. The 26-year-old, residing on Sterling Drive, was accused of committing a heinous act of violence against a 7-year-old child, sending shockwaves through the community.

Arrest and Charges

Yandell was apprehended in the 100 block of Stover Lane, where he was charged with second-degree domestic battery. This felony charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, a stark reminder of the severity of the alleged crime.

Details of the Allegations

The distressing incident came to light around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday when authorities were alerted to the suspected abuse of the young victim. Reports indicated that the child had sustained significant injuries, prompting immediate action to ensure his safety.


Investigation and Disclosure

Following the notification, Garland County sheriff’s investigators swiftly launched an inquiry into the matter. The Division of Child and Family Services provided crucial information, leading to Yandell’s identification as the alleged perpetrator.

Photographs of the child’s wounds were taken, underscoring the severity of the situation. The victim was promptly taken to a medical professional to address the bleeding injuries caused by the alleged assault.

During a subsequent interview at the Cooper-Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy Center, the young boy detailed the harrowing experience he endured. He recounted how Yandell had subjected him to repeated strikes with a belt, causing him pain and distress before he boarded the school bus.

Admission of Guilt

Upon his arrest and transfer to the Garland County Detention Center, Yandell was confronted with the allegations. After being read his rights, he chose to cooperate with authorities and provided a confession. He admitted to administering the physical punishment with the belt, acknowledging his role in the distressing incident.

The community remains in shock as the details of this distressing event continue to unfold. The consequences of such actions reverberate far beyond the immediate aftermath, underscoring the importance of safeguarding the well-being of vulnerable individuals.