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Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. Liberia police cell suicide
2. Suicide in Liberia police custody

The death of an inmate, Prince Wreyou, has raised questions as police investigate the circumstances. Prince was taken into custody for owing $200 and was found hanging in his cell shortly after. The dark cell had no electricity, leading to the tragic incident. Family members are demanding answers, with the father disputing claims of suicide. He revealed that Prince, a mechanic, was arrested after a dispute with a human rights lawyer over car repairs. The lawyer’s impatience allegedly led to Prince’s incarceration. The police are conducting an investigation, while the lawyer remains elusive. The case continues to unfold as more details emerge.

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Investigation Launched into Inmate’s Death at Salem Depot


The community of Salem Depot in Monrovia was thrown into shock as news of the death of an inmate, Prince Wreyou, spread like wildfire. The circumstances surrounding Prince’s tragic demise are shrouded in mystery, prompting a thorough investigation by the police authorities. Prince, who was taken into custody for allegedly owing $200 to someone, was found hanging in his cell, sparking alarm among fellow inmates.

Details of the Incident

According to reports, Prince had been incarcerated on Friday evening and was discovered hanging on the cell door a few hours later. With no electricity in the cell, the darkness added to the confusion as Prince’s desperate cries for help went unheeded. Despite efforts to save him, Prince succumbed to his injuries, leading to a flurry of questions surrounding his death.

Family Seeks Answers

The Wreyou family, devastated by the loss of their son, demanded answers from the authorities as they sought to understand the events that led to Prince’s untimely death. Mr. Sammy Wreyou, Prince’s father, revealed that his son had been behind bars since Tuesday, with the family only learning of his incarceration on Thursday evening. The family’s anguish was compounded by the fact that Prince’s body was taken to JFK Medical Center without their consent.

A Father’s Grief

Mr. Wreyou recounted how Prince, a skilled mechanic, had entered into a business transaction with Human Rights lawyer Mohammed Fahnbulleh. The deal involved fixing Cllr. Fahnbulleh’s car for $600, with an initial payment of $200 made by the lawyer. However, due to delays in obtaining the necessary materials, Prince found himself in police custody at the behest of Cllr. Fahnbulleh, a move that shocked the Wreyou family.

Police Investigation Underway

As the Salem Depot police depot became the center of attention, authorities remained tight-lipped about the ongoing investigation into Prince’s death. Cllr. Mohammed Fahnbulleh, at the center of the controversy, evaded the media amidst growing public scrutiny. The police’s handling of the case has raised concerns among the community, with calls for transparency and accountability in the justice system.

Seeking Justice for Prince

As Prince Wreyou’s family mourns the loss of their loved one, the quest for justice and truth continues. The tragic incident at Salem Depot has highlighted the need for a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading to Prince’s death. The community remains on edge, awaiting answers and closure in the wake of this shocking turn of events.

By Edwin G. Genoway, Jr (231886458910) – [email protected]