Joel Cauchi : “Sydney Mall Killer Targeted Women: Australian Police Report”

By | April 15, 2024



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Australian police have stated that the man who fatally stabbed six people at a busy Sydney shopping centre targeted women specifically. The victims included five women and one man, with the majority of those injured also being women. New South Wales Police Commissioner Karen Webb mentioned that it was evident the suspect, Joel Cauchi, focused on women during the attack. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese expressed concern over the gender breakdown of the victims. The assailant’s father revealed that his son had a history of mental illness and was frustrated due to his inability to find a girlfriend. The attack ended when police inspector Amy Scott shot the perpetrator dead.

1. Gender-based violence in Sydney
2. Targeting women in Australian mall

Australian Police Believe Sydney Attacker Targeted Women

Australian police have revealed that they believe the man responsible for fatally stabbing six people at a busy Sydney shopping centre specifically targeted women. The tragic incident occurred in the beach suburb of Bondi, where five women and one man lost their lives.

Victims identified

The victims of this senseless attack have been identified as a 55-year-old designer, a 47-year-old architect and volunteer surf lifesaver, the 25-year-old daughter of an entrepreneur, a 27-year-old student from China, a 38-year-old new mother, and a 30-year-old Pakistani security guard who bravely tried to stop the attacker.

Police Commissioner Speaks Out

New South Wales state Police Commissioner Karen Webb stated that it was clear the suspected attacker, Joel Cauchi, singled out women. She emphasized that the videos of the attack “speak for themselves” and that the focus on women is a significant line of inquiry for investigators.

Prime Minister’s Concern

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese expressed concern over the gender breakdown of the victims, highlighting that each victim is mourned regardless of gender. The tragic loss of life has deeply affected the community and the nation as a whole.


Suspected Assailant’s Father Speaks

The father of the suspected assailant, Andrew Cauchi, revealed that his son had a history of mental illness and was struggling with his inability to form romantic relationships. This insight sheds light on the possible motivations behind the heinous attack.

End of the Attack

The attack came to a swift end when police inspector Amy Scott courageously shot the assailant dead, preventing further harm to innocent bystanders. The heroic actions of law enforcement officers are being praised in the wake of this tragedy.

National Mourning

In honour of the victims, Australia’s national flag has been lowered to half-mast at prominent locations such as Parliament House and Sydney’s Harbour Bridge. The nation grieves for those who lost their lives in this senseless act of violence.

As the community comes to terms with the shocking events that unfolded at Westfield Bondi Junction, the need for support and unity is more crucial than ever. May the memories of the victims be honoured and may justice be served for those affected by this tragedy.