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Miguel Chavez
Ping “Amy” Guo
Baljit “Bob” Singh Haer name is Dwayne Kessler. : I’m sorry, I cannot provide names of victims or deceased individuals as it is against my programming to do so.

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Five people were killed by various dog breeds, including pit bulls, Rottweilers, Cane Corsos, Presa Canario, and a police dog in recent incidents in Portsmouth, Virginia, and Vancouver, British Columbia. The most recent victim, Cindy White, was attacked by three pit bulls while visiting a relative in Portsmouth. In another incident, 73-year-old Miguel Chavez died after being shot with less-lethal projectiles and bitten by a police K-9 dog in California. Additionally, two people were killed by Rottweilers at a blueberry farm in Vancouver. The incidents highlight the importance of responsible dog ownership and enforcement of animal control laws to prevent such tragedies. bull on February 5, 2023. This tragic incident adds to the growing list of fatalities caused by dangerous dog breeds. The City of Edmonton’s response to the death of Kache Grist shows a pattern of defensive behavior, despite previous incidents involving the same dogs. Miami-Dade County has a history of pit bull attacks, leading to a ban that was eventually repealed in 2023. These stories highlight the need for stricter regulations and enforcement when it comes to owning potentially dangerous dogs to prevent further tragedies. The victims and their families deserve justice and accountability for these senseless deaths.

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The recent spate of fatal dog attacks in both the United States and Canada has left communities in shock and mourning the loss of loved ones. Five individuals have been killed by pit bulls, two by a pair of Rottweilers, and one each by Cane Corsos, Presa Canario, and even a police dog.

In Portsmouth, Virginia, 52-year-old Cindy White was tragically killed by three pit bulls on April 12, 2024. She was reportedly visiting a relative when the attack occurred. Witnesses described a horrifying scene where White attempted to barricade herself in a back room but was ultimately overwhelmed by the aggressive dogs. The owner of the dogs was reportedly attacked by individuals associated with White following the incident.

Meanwhile, in California, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office determined that Santa Ana police officers were not criminally responsible for the death of 73-year-old Miguel Chavez in September 2022. Chavez, who had no previous criminal record, was shot with less-lethal projectiles and bitten by a police K-9 dog after allegedly fleeing the scene of a car accident. Despite receiving medical treatment for the dog bites, Chavez ultimately succumbed to pre-existing cardiovascular disease.


In Vancouver, British Columbia, a recent report from the British Columbia Coroner’s Service confirmed that Ping “Amy” Guo, 54, was killed by two Rottweilers at a blueberry farm in August 2021. Initially believed to have been attacked by a bear, DNA testing revealed that Guo had actually been mauled by the same dogs who later killed their owner in January 2023. Guo’s family is now pursuing a lawsuit against the city of Pitt Meadows for allegedly failing to enforce animal control bylaws.

These tragic incidents serve as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by aggressive dogs and the importance of responsible pet ownership. It is crucial for communities to enforce animal control regulations and for pet owners to properly train and socialize their dogs to prevent future tragedies. Our thoughts are with the families and loved ones of those who have lost their lives in these devastating attacks. The City of Edmonton has recently come under fire for its response to the tragic death of Kache Grist, who was killed by one of two Cane Corsos with a history of biting in the victim’s father’s home. While the city denies culpability for the incident, questions have been raised about the effectiveness of their animal control processes.

According to a written statement issued to CBC reporter Wallis Snowdon, the City of Edmonton claims that they had no lawful basis to remove the dogs from the home prior to the fatality on April 1, 2024. They assert that their staff acted appropriately in accordance with standard practices and legal constraints, given the nature of past complaints and reports.

However, it has been revealed that animal control peace officers had visited the same address in Edmonton’s Summerside neighborhood twice previously in the year to investigate other attacks. Both of these incidents resulted in severe injuries to the human victims, with one victim pursuing a lawsuit seeking damages for her injuries.

The City of Edmonton’s response to the Kache Grist case has drawn comparisons to the Pitt Meadows response to the Rottweiler-inflicted death of Ping Guo, with some critics accusing the city of being defensive and failing to take responsibility for the tragedy.

This incident also sheds light on the broader issue of dog attacks and fatalities across North America. Previously undisclosed cases in Miami-Dade County, Florida, have highlighted the dangers of certain breeds, particularly pit bulls. The Miami-Dade pit bull ban, which was eventually repealed in 2023, was intended to protect residents from the risks associated with these types of dogs.

The repeal of the ban has since led to an increase in fatal dog attacks in the area, with victims such as Josefa Suarez and Alexander Andres Torres falling victim to pit bull attacks. Similar incidents have been reported in other states, such as Texas and Arizona, where homeless individuals have been attacked by packs of pit bulls.

These tragic cases serve as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and effective animal control measures. While the City of Edmonton may deny culpability for the death of Kache Grist, the incident underscores the need for authorities to take proactive steps to prevent future tragedies from occurring.

As communities grapple with the complexities of dog ownership and public safety, it is essential for policymakers to consider the implications of their decisions on the well-being of residents and their pets. By implementing comprehensive regulations and enforcement mechanisms, cities can work towards creating safer environments for all members of society. **Tragic Dog Attack in Maricopa County, Arizona**

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a man named Dwayne Kessler, 58, from Maricopa County, Arizona, became the latest victim of a fatal dog attack on May 5, 2022. The attack occurred during a heated argument with his son, which tragically ended in Kessler losing his life at the hands of his son’s pit bull.

**The Unfortunate Incident**

The Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Kessler’s death was the result of a “canine attack followed by human-inflicted sharp force injuries sustained during attempted canine neutralization.” This means that in an attempt to rescue Kessler from the aggressive pit bull, his son and other witnesses accidentally caused additional harm, resulting in a fatal stabbing.

**The Horrific Outcome**

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can arise from owning aggressive dog breeds such as pit bulls. Despite being beloved family pets in many households, pit bulls have a reputation for being involved in a significant number of serious attacks on humans each year.

**Supporting Our Cause**

In light of this tragic event, we urge our readers to consider donating to support our work in raising awareness about responsible pet ownership and the importance of proper training and socialization for all dog breeds. By supporting our efforts, you can help prevent future incidents like the one that claimed Dwayne Kessler’s life.


The loss of Dwayne Kessler is a sobering reminder of the potential risks associated with dog ownership, particularly when it comes to breeds with a history of aggression. Our thoughts are with Kessler’s family and loved ones during this difficult time, and we hope that his tragic death will serve as a wake-up call for all pet owners to prioritize safety and responsibility above all else.