Louisiana Mother Horrified After Daughter Threatened with Racist Note: Sarah Averette Charged

By | April 3, 2024



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A Louisiana mother is horrified after her 17-year-old daughter received a racist note following a road rage incident on her way to school. The incident involved 40-year-old Sarah Averette, who allegedly followed the teenager, circled the school parking lot, and left a threatening note with racist language on her car. The teenager, who was unaware of the incident until her friends found the note, was left shocked. Averette was banned from school property, but the mother believes more should be done. Averette’s attorney issued a statement apologizing, but the mother insists that a simple apology does not erase the fear caused by the incident.

1. Teen targeted with racist message following road rage incident
2. High school student receives threatening note after road rage altercation

Shocking Racist Threat at Brusly High School

In a small town outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a disturbing incident unfolded at Brusly High School that left a mother horrified and her teenage daughter fearful for her safety. The incident occurred after a road rage altercation on the way to school, highlighting the prevalence of racism and intolerance in today’s society.

Details of the Incident

The 17-year-old daughter of Jasmine Mills found herself in a terrifying situation after inadvertently cutting off another driver, later identified as 40-year-old Sarah Averette. Averette, who had a child attending the same high school, proceeded to follow the teenager to the school, where she left a threatening and racist note on the young girl’s car.

The note, filled with expletives and ending with a racial slur, conveyed a message of violence and intimidation towards the unsuspecting teenager. The victim, who remained anonymous out of fear, was shocked to discover the hateful note left on her car by Averette.

Response and Consequences

Following the incident, Averette was promptly banned from school property indefinitely, a necessary step to ensure the safety of the students. Law enforcement authorities, including the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, became involved in the investigation, leading to Averette being charged with criminal mischief.


Despite these actions, Mills, the distressed mother, expressed her dissatisfaction with the response, believing that more should be done to address the severity of the threat made against her daughter. The fear and anxiety experienced by both mother and daughter underscore the need for stronger measures to combat such acts of racism and aggression.

A Message of Remorse

In a statement issued by Averette’s attorney, a message of remorse and apology was conveyed on behalf of the offender. Averette expressed regret for her actions and sought forgiveness for the hurtful words written in a moment of anger. However, Mills remained unconvinced by the apology, emphasising that the emotional impact of the incident cannot be erased by mere words.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of this disturbing event, it serves as a stark reminder of the enduring presence of racism and prejudice in society. The need for greater awareness, empathy, and accountability remains paramount in addressing such acts of hatred and discrimination.


The road rage incident that escalated into a racist threat at Brusly High School has sparked outrage and concern among residents, highlighting the urgent need for dialogue and action to combat racism and intolerance. As the community rallies around the victim and her family, the hope for a more inclusive and compassionate society remains a driving force in the face of adversity.

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