National Post: RCMP’s Trustworthiness Questioned in Federal Politician Investigations

By | February 28, 2024



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**Calls for Dissolving RCMP and Replacing with Provincial Police Forces Grow Amid Controversy**

In a recent tweet that has sparked widespread debate, Canadian social media influencer Lex Blazer called into question the trustworthiness of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) when it comes to investigating federal politicians for crimes. Blazer suggested that the RCMP cannot be relied upon to carry out their duties impartially, leading to calls for the dissolution of the national police force and its replacement with provincial police forces.

**Challenges to RCMP’s Credibility**

The tweet highlighted concerns about the perceived lack of impartiality and effectiveness of the RCMP in handling investigations involving federal politicians. Blazer’s statement reflects a growing sentiment among some Canadians that the national police force may not be adequately equipped to investigate high-profile cases involving government officials.

**Demand for Accountability and Transparency**


The call to dissolve the RCMP and replace it with provincial police forces underscores a broader desire for increased accountability and transparency in law enforcement. Many Canadians are increasingly concerned about the perceived influence of politics on police investigations and are calling for measures to ensure the independence and integrity of law enforcement agencies.

**Support for Provincial Police Forces**

Advocates for dissolving the RCMP argue that provincial police forces may be better suited to handle investigations involving federal politicians. Proponents of this approach believe that provincial forces may be more attuned to local dynamics and less susceptible to political interference, thereby enhancing the credibility and effectiveness of law enforcement efforts.

**Potential Implications of Restructuring Law Enforcement**

If the calls to dissolve the RCMP and replace it with provincial police forces gain traction, it could have significant implications for the landscape of law enforcement in Canada. The restructuring of law enforcement agencies at the national level could lead to a more decentralized approach to policing, with provinces taking on greater responsibility for investigating high-profile cases.

**Balancing Independence and Accountability in Law Enforcement**

The debate over the future of the RCMP raises important questions about how to strike a balance between the independence of law enforcement agencies and the need for accountability to the public. As Canadians grapple with these issues, it is essential to consider how to ensure that law enforcement agencies operate with integrity and impartiality while remaining accountable to the communities they serve.


The controversy surrounding the RCMP’s handling of investigations involving federal politicians has reignited calls for reform in Canada’s law enforcement system. While the debate over the future of the RCMP is far from settled, it underscores the importance of ensuring that law enforcement agencies are equipped to carry out their duties with integrity and independence. As Canadians continue to push for greater accountability and transparency in policing, the conversation around the role of the RCMP and provincial police forces is likely to remain a topic of ongoing debate..


@LexsWorld said @nationalpost It's not that justin blocked the rcmp…. It's that the rcmp cannot be trusted to do their job when it comes to investigating federal politicians for crimes. Time to fully Dissolve and replace with provincial police forces.


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– rcmp cannot be trusted to investigate federal politicians crimes.