Commerce City Man Arrested in Fatal Hit-and-Run Crash that Killed Wheelchair Fencer Terre Engdahl | Lakewood Police Department Arrests Suspect Jimmy Lee Chavez

By | February 28, 2024



1. Commerce City hit-and-run arrest of Lakewood parafencer
2. Commerce City man arrested in fatal hit-and-run of Lakewood parafencer.

Accident – Death – Obituary News :

Commerce City Man Arrested in Fatal Hit-and-Run Crash that Killed Wheelchair Fencer

A 40-year-old man from Commerce City has been taken into custody by the Lakewood Police Department in connection with a tragic hit-and-run incident that resulted in the death of a talented wheelchair fencer. The suspect, identified as Jimmy Lee Chavez, was arrested at a residence in Commerce City following intensive investigations by law enforcement authorities.

According to official reports released by the Lakewood Police Department, Chavez was apprehended on Tuesday in relation to the fatal crash that occurred near West 23rd Avenue and Kipling Street at 7:24 p.m. on Friday. The incident involved a Chevy Camaro striking a pedestrian, later identified as 29-year-old Terre Engdahl, a respected parafencer residing in Lakewood.

Chavez, who was out on bail after a previous arrest for vehicular eluding in Adams County, is currently being held at the Jefferson County Jail on a cash bail of $10,000. He is expected to make a court appearance on Tuesday to face charges related to the hit-and-run incident.

Prior to his recent arrest, Chavez had a history of legal troubles, having pleaded guilty in separate cases to various charges including driving under restraint, driving without a license, obstructing a peace officer, weapons possession, and possession of contraband in a detention facility, as documented in court records.


Authorities are continuing their search for the Chevy Camaro involved in the hit-and-run, which sustained significant front-end and windshield damage. The vehicle is also missing the driver’s side headlight, and the Colorado license plate (DWB-P87) may have been removed. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the car is urged to contact Lakewood police at 303-983-7300 and ask for Detective Moffat.

As the investigation unfolds, the fencing community and local residents are deeply saddened by the loss of Terre Engdahl, a talented athlete and valued member of the community. The impact of this tragedy has reverberated throughout the region, prompting calls for justice and accountability in the wake of such a senseless act.

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– Commerce City man arrested fatal hit-and-run Lakewood parafencer
– Commerce City man arrested fatal hit-and-run Lakewood parafencer.