Ralph Hendry and Kathy Brandel: Missing American Couple’s Mysterious Disappearance While Sailing in the Caribbean

By | February 25, 2024



American couple missing sailing Grenada
American couple missing sailing Grenada news.

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American Couple Missing While Sailing in the Caribbean

An American couple who set sail from Virginia and were enjoying a winter cruising adventure in the Caribbean have gone missing, leaving their boat deserted in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The disappearance of the couple coincided with the escape of three prisoners from a jail in Grenada, who fled to St. Vincent and the Grenadines by boat, according to authorities in the region.

The Mysterious Disappearance

The Royal Grenada Police Force has not disclosed the identities of the missing Americans but is investigating a potential connection between their disappearance and the prison break in Grenada. The couple’s yacht, named Simplicity, was discovered abandoned off a beach on the southern coast of St. Vincent, sparking concern among the sailing community.

It was a fellow sailor who first noticed the empty vessel and raised the alarm. The Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard and local police were promptly informed about the situation. The missing individuals have been identified as Ralph Hendry, 66, and Kathy Brandel, 71, by their family and the Salty Dawg Sailing Association.

A Life at Sea

Ralph and Kathy were experienced sailors who had been living on their boat. Following a successful completion of their sailing club’s “Caribbean Rally,” which involved a journey from Virginia to Antigua, the couple had been enjoying a leisurely cruise through the Caribbean for the remainder of the winter.


The Salty Dawg Sailing Association, which tracks the movements of its members’ boats, confirmed that Simplicity was initially anchored in Grenada before mysteriously appearing off the coast of St. Vincent. The local authorities have secured the vessel for investigation, working closely with the U.S. Embassy and other law enforcement agencies.

A Tale of Two Incidents

Meanwhile, the Royal Grenada Police Force revealed that three men who had escaped from prison in Grenada managed to flee to St. Vincent using a yacht that had been docked in the St. George area. The fugitives, who turned out to be American citizens, were captured on the same day that the missing couple’s boat was discovered.

The escaped prisoners, identified as Trevon Robertson, Abita Stanislaus, and Ron Mitchell, had been previously charged in connection with a violent robbery case. Mitchell faced additional charges, including causing harm, indecent assault, and rape, according to the Grenada police.

A Community in Shock

Family members of Ralph and Kathy expressed gratitude for the support received from the sailing community during the search efforts but requested a pause in further assistance. They commended the swift actions of the St. Vincent authorities in securing the vessel and apprehending the fugitives.

As investigations continue, the Royal Grenada Police Force has dispatched a team of investigators and forensic specialists to St. Vincent. The sailing club president described the missing couple as warmhearted and capable, expressing deep concern over their disappearance.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover expenses related to the couple’s disappearance, highlighting their adventurous spirit and love for the sea. The sailing community remains hopeful for the safe return of Ralph and Kathy, who have touched the hearts of all who know them.


American couple goes missing sailing Grenada
Couple missing sailing off Grenada.