Kemarcio Mitchell : “Gardens Mall Shooting Suspects: Probable Cause Report Released”

By | February 22, 2024



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WPBF 25 News Uncovers Details of Arrests Following Valentine’s Day Shooting at Gardens Mall

WPBF 25 News has obtained new information regarding the arrests of two individuals in connection with the Valentine’s Day shooting at the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens.

Arrests and Suspects identified

Following the shooting incident, investigators were able to identify both suspects involved. The Palm Beach Gardens Police Chief mentioned that there is a possibility of the motive behind the shooting being gang-related.

The probable cause affidavit for 28-year-old Devon Jamal Graham and the federal criminal complaint for 28-year-old Kemarcio Mitchell have been released to the public. While Graham has not been specifically charged for the mall shooting, he is facing charges for possession of a gun as a convicted felon. Mitchell, who was shot at the Gardens Mall, is also facing similar charges.

Details of the Shooting

On Valentine’s Day, a Palm Beach Gardens police officer reported hearing gunshots at the Gardens Mall, near the escalator close to P.F. Chang’s and Brio Italian Grille. Surveillance footage revealed a man identified as Graham, along with another individual, descending the escalator when they were approached by a third person in an aggressive manner. Graham was seen pulling out a gun and shooting at the individual following them.

After the shooting, the suspects were captured on surveillance video fleeing the mall. Subsequently, law enforcement discovered an AK 47 and a Glock 9 millimeter handgun in the vehicle Graham had used to arrive at the mall, which was left in the parking lot.


Investigations and Criminal Histories

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office was able to confirm Graham’s involvement in the shooting through surveillance footage, leading to his arrest. Police Chief Clinton Shannon indicated that there may be additional charges sought against Graham.

Regarding the criminal histories of the suspects, Graham has a record dating back to 2011, with multiple arrests for violent crimes. Mitchell, on the other hand, has a history of arrests dating back to 2009, with numerous felony charges and convictions.

Continued Investigation

Police are still searching for another person of interest related to the shooting at Gardens Mall. Meanwhile, Mitchell, who was treated for a gunshot wound, has been arrested on gun charges and is currently in custody.

As WPBF 25 News delves deeper into the details of the case, more information is expected to emerge, shedding light on the events that transpired at the Gardens Mall on Valentine’s Day.