Smriti Irani : “Mamata’s Genocide of Hindus: Smriti Irani’s Allegations on Sandeshkhali Issue”

By | February 12, 2024



Accident – Death – Obituary News : Union Minister Smriti Irani has strongly criticized West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, accusing her of allowing her party members to target Hindu married women for rape. The incident in question is related to the ongoing Sandeshkhali issue in West Bengal.

In a recent statement, Smriti Irani expressed her concern for the women of Sandeshkhali who are crying out for help and protection. She alleged that Mamata Banerjee is known for the genocide of Hindu women and that her party members are now picking out Hindu young married women to be raped night after night in the TMC office.

The Union Minister highlighted the horrific incidents that have taken place in Sandeshkhali. She shared that women belonging to the SC/ST community in the area have informed the media that TMC party members would come to their homes and identify the beautiful women. The women further revealed that TMC leaders had conversations with their husbands, informing them that they would no longer have any rights.

According to Smriti Irani, the women of Sandeshkhali informed journalists that they were targeted because they were married and Hindu. The Union Minister raised questions about Sheikh Shahjahan, the man charged by the women of Sandeshkhali with mass rape of Bengali Hindu women. She also mentioned the incident in which ED officers were attacked while investigating Sheikh Shahkjahan’s property in connection with a possible ration scam case.

Smriti Irani urged the media to pay attention to the happenings in Sandeshkhali and to question Mamata Banerjee about the TMC goons conducting door-to-door searches to identify and sexually assault Hindu women.

Earlier, residents, mostly women, staged protests in different neighborhoods of Sandeshkhali, demanding the arrest of TMC leader Shahjahan Sheikh in connection with a rape incident and a land ration allocation scam. In response to the objections raised by the people, Section 144 was implemented in some areas of the village.

It is crucial to shed light on the incidents in Sandeshkhali and ensure justice for the victims. Smriti Irani’s statements highlight the gravity of the situation and call for immediate action. The Union Minister’s plea to the media to investigate Sheikh Shahjahan’s whereabouts and question Mamata Banerjee’s role in the atrocities is a significant step towards bringing justice to the victims and ensuring their safety.

The Sandeshkhali issue is a matter of concern for the entire nation, and it is essential to address the ongoing atrocities and protect the rights and dignity of the affected individuals..