“Scott Thomas Arrested for Assaulting Police Officer and Drug Trafficking in Portland Plaza Incident”

1. Man accused assaulting officer in Portland
2. Fentanyl found in Portland assault case.

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Man Arrested for Assaulting Police Officer in Portland Plaza

A man is facing charges of assaulting a police officer after attempting to flee from a busy Portland plaza on Sunday. The incident took place at the Ramada Plaza located on Riverside Street, where authorities were called to deal with a man who refused to leave. The suspect was later identified as 29-year-old Scott Thomas.

Upon the arrival of the police, Thomas had already managed to escape from the plaza but was later found in a nearby parking lot. A physical altercation occurred between the suspect and the officers, resulting in one officer sustaining a minor injury. The injured officer was promptly taken to a hospital for medical attention.

Alongside the charges of assaulting a police officer, Thomas is also facing an additional charge of aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs. During Thomas’ arrest, authorities discovered that he was carrying 27 grams of fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid. This finding led to the subsequent charges of unlawful possession of cocaine base and aggravated drug trafficking in prison contraband when an additional 3.6 grams of cocaine base were found on him after he was booked into the Cumberland County Jail.

The arrest of Thomas highlights the ongoing battle against drug-related offenses in the Portland area. Fentanyl, a highly dangerous substance, has been responsible for numerous overdose deaths across the country. Law enforcement agencies are actively working to combat drug trafficking and keep communities safe.

Scott Thomas is expected to face legal proceedings as he awaits his trial. If convicted, he may face severe penalties for assaulting a police officer and drug trafficking charges. Authorities are hopeful that this arrest will serve as a deterrent to others involved in similar illegal activities.

The incident serves as a reminder of the risks faced by law enforcement officers while carrying out their duties. Assaulting an officer is a serious offense that undermines public safety and the rule of law. The community is encouraged to support and cooperate with law enforcement agencies to ensure a safe and secure environment for all residents.


– Man accused of assaulting officer in Portland
– Fentanyl found in Portland assault case.