James Biden’s Dealmaking Revealed on FBI Tapes in Bribery Probe; Joe Biden’s Tobacco Bill Position Change Exposed

By | December 17, 2023



BREAKING: James Biden’s Dealmaking Caught on FBI Tapes in Unrelated Bribery Probe

In a recent revelation by The Washington Post, James Biden, the younger brother of then-Senator Joe Biden, has been implicated in an FBI investigation involving bribery. The shocking discovery comes from FBI tapes that were unrelated to the bribery probe but happened to capture James Biden’s dealmaking.

According to the report, then-Senator Joe Biden’s stance on tobacco settlement legislation underwent a sudden change after a trial lawyer, who was a beneficiary of said legislation, paid his brother James Biden a substantial sum of $100,000. The White House has not yet commented on these allegations.

The FBI tapes, obtained by an undisclosed source, shed light on James Biden’s involvement in questionable dealmaking activities. While the tapes were not directly related to the ongoing bribery probe, they inadvertently captured conversations that raised suspicions about James Biden’s actions.

The tobacco settlement legislation, which aimed to hold tobacco companies accountable for their actions and provide compensation to victims of smoking-related diseases, was a contentious issue at the time. Critics argued that the legislation was biased towards trial lawyers who stood to benefit financially from the settlements.

This latest revelation raises serious concerns about the integrity of the legislative process and the potential influence of money on political decisions. The timing of James Biden’s financial transaction with the trial lawyer, just before Joe Biden’s change in stance on the tobacco settlement legislation, is particularly alarming.


It is important to note that these allegations are still under investigation, and it is essential to await further information before making any definitive conclusions. However, the existence of FBI tapes capturing James Biden’s dealmaking activities does raise significant questions that demand answers.

The Biden family has faced scrutiny in the past, with Hunter Biden’s business dealings and potential conflicts of interest making headlines. These latest allegations involving James Biden only add fuel to the fire and further erode public trust in the political establishment.

The White House has remained silent on the matter so far, but the pressure to address these allegations is mounting. As the investigation unfolds, it is crucial for transparency and accountability to prevail, ensuring that the truth behind James Biden’s dealmaking is uncovered.

In conclusion, the recent revelation of James Biden’s dealmaking caught on FBI tapes in an unrelated bribery probe has sent shockwaves through the political landscape. The timing of his financial transaction with a trial lawyer, followed by his brother’s change in stance on the tobacco settlement legislation, raises serious concerns about the integrity of the legislative process. The allegations are still under investigation, and the public awaits further information to shed light on the truth. Transparency and accountability are vital to restoring public trust in the political establishment..


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