Breaking: India’s most wanted Dawood Ibrahim allegedly poisoned, hospitalized in Karachi; Internet services shut down in Pakistan

By | December 17, 2023



Title: Dawood Ibrahim Hospitalized in Karachi after Alleged Poisoning Incident


In a shocking turn of events, unconfirmed reports suggest that Dawood Ibrahim, India’s most wanted criminal, has been poisoned by unknown individuals and is currently receiving treatment in a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. This news has taken both countries by storm, with Pakistani media also covering the incident extensively. Furthermore, internet services across Pakistan have been disrupted due to unknown reasons, adding another layer of mystery to the situation.


The Alleged Poisoning Incident:

According to sources, Dawood Ibrahim, a notorious figure involved in various criminal activities, has fallen victim to poisoning by unidentified men. The severity of his condition remains undisclosed. While these reports are yet to be confirmed, the news has rapidly gained traction, prompting widespread speculation and concern.


Reactions from Authorities:

Both Indian and Pakistani authorities are closely monitoring the situation. The alleged incident has sparked a flurry of activity among security agencies in both countries, as they strive to gather more information and ascertain the authenticity of the reports. Given Dawood Ibrahim’s notoriety and his involvement in numerous criminal activities, the incident holds significant implications for regional security.

Media Coverage and Public Reaction:

The news of Dawood Ibrahim’s alleged poisoning has sent shockwaves throughout India and Pakistan. The incident has dominated headlines, with media outlets closely following the developments. The Twitter post shared by Times Algebra, a prominent news source, has gone viral, generating a massive response from social media users. The public is eagerly awaiting official confirmation and further details regarding the incident.

Internet Shutdown in Pakistan:

In an intriguing twist, internet services across Pakistan have experienced disruption concurrently with the alleged poisoning incident. The cause of this shutdown remains unknown, fueling speculation about possible connections to the reported incident. The blackout has led to a surge in rumors and conspiracy theories circulating on social media platforms, further intensifying the public’s interest.

Implications for Regional Security:

If the reports of Dawood Ibrahim’s poisoning are substantiated, it could potentially have far-reaching consequences for regional security dynamics. Dawood Ibrahim has long been accused of financing and facilitating terrorist activities, with alleged links to extremist organizations. His arrest or demise could significantly impact the criminal networks he has established, potentially disrupting their operations.


While the reports of Dawood Ibrahim’s alleged poisoning remain unverified, the incident has captured the attention of authorities, media, and the public in both India and Pakistan. The situation continues to develop, with investigations ongoing to determine the veracity of the claims. As more information emerges, it is crucial to remain cautious and rely on official sources for accurate updates. This incident, if proven true, could have profound implications for regional security and the fight against organized crime..


@TimesAlgebraIND said BIG BREAKING NEWS – As per unconfirmed reports, India's most wanted Dawood Ibrahim has been poisoned by UNKNOWN MEN and is now hospitalised in Karachi with a serious condition. Pakistani media also running this news Internet Services shutdown across Pakistan due to UNKNOWN……