BREAKING: IDF Tanks Bomb Mubarak Children & Maternity Hospital in Gaza, Leaving One Dead & Many Injured!

By | December 17, 2023



BREAKING: Children & Maternity Hospital Bombed in Gaza

In a tragic incident, the Mubarak Children and Maternity Hospital in the Nasser Medical Complex, Khan Younis, southern Gaza, was bombed by IDF tanks. The attack has resulted in the loss of one woman’s life and has left at least ten others wounded.

This horrifying act of violence has sent shockwaves through the region, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of innocent civilians, especially women and children, who rely on hospitals for medical care and support.

The Impact on the Community

The bombing of a children and maternity hospital is not only a direct attack on innocent lives but also a devastating blow to the entire community. Hospitals are supposed to be safe spaces where people seek refuge during times of crisis and receive essential medical treatment. This act goes against the principles of humanity and violates the rights of those in need.

The loss of a woman’s life is a tragedy that cannot be undone. The wounded victims, including children, are now fighting for their survival and hoping for a speedy recovery. The emotional and physical trauma inflicted on them is unimaginable.

Furthermore, this attack has severely impacted the hospital’s ability to provide medical assistance to those in need. The destruction caused by the bombing has left the hospital in ruins, rendering it incapable of fulfilling its crucial role in the community’s healthcare system.

The Need for Accountability

Such acts of violence against hospitals and healthcare facilities are grave violations of international humanitarian law. The deliberate targeting of innocent civilians is unacceptable, and those responsible must be held accountable for their actions.


The international community must come together to condemn this attack and exert pressure on the responsible parties to ensure justice is served. It is essential to put an end to the cycle of violence and protect the lives of innocent civilians, particularly vulnerable groups such as women and children.

The Urgency for Humanitarian Aid

In the aftermath of this shocking incident, it is crucial to provide immediate humanitarian aid to the affected individuals and the community as a whole. Emergency medical assistance, including supplies, personnel, and funding, is required to address the urgent healthcare needs of those injured and to rebuild the damaged hospital.

Organizations and governments around the world must step up and contribute generously to support the affected community. The provision of essential medical supplies, trauma counseling, and rehabilitation services is critical in helping the victims recover physically and emotionally.


The bombing of the Mubarak Children and Maternity Hospital in Gaza has left one woman dead and several others wounded. This tragic incident highlights the urgent need for accountability and humanitarian aid in the region. The international community must unite and demand justice for the victims, as well as provide immediate assistance to those affected. It is crucial to protect the lives of innocent civilians, particularly women and children, and ensure that hospitals and healthcare facilities remain safe spaces for all.



@PalestineNW said BREAKING: CHILDREN & MATERNITY HOSPITAL BOMBED IDF tanks bombed the Mubarak Children and Maternity Hospital in the Nasser Medical Complex, Khan Younis, southern Gaza One woman has been killed and at least ten others are wounded.…