“Brandon Nash Arrested Following Fleeing Traffic Stop and Shooting Incident: Georgia Manhunt Ends”

By | December 17, 2023



Accident – death – Obituary News : A Cleveland, Georgia resident is now facing multiple charges after being apprehended following a dramatic manhunt. The individual in question, identified as Brandon Nash, allegedly fired at a deputy while attempting to flee from a routine traffic stop. Fortunately, no injuries were reported as a result of the shooting.

The incident unfolded on December 12 when a deputy from the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office tried to pull over a Ford Fusion on the Toccoa Bypass near Highway 145 due to a traffic violation. Instead of complying, the driver, later identified as Brandon Nash, chose to evade the authorities, leading to a high-speed chase that reached speeds exceeding 90 mph.

As the pursuit continued onto Mize Road, Nash abruptly turned into a private driveway and fled on foot. He disappeared into the dense woodland behind a house at the intersection of Old Mize Road and Highway 106. Undeterred, the determined deputy tirelessly pursued Nash through the challenging terrain. During the chase, the suspect dropped a backpack, which was later discovered to contain over 8 ounces of suspected methamphetamine, prepackaged marijuana, and digital weighing scales. Moments later, Nash stumbled and fell to the ground, prompting the deputy to draw his duty weapon and give commands to the suspect. However, instead of complying, Nash quickly regained his footing and lunged forward at the deputy, attempting to grab his weapon.

A treacherous struggle ensued between the suspect and the deputy, during which a shot was fired. Miraculously, the bullet did not hit Nash. Seizing the opportunity, Nash swiftly ran down an embankment and retaliated by firing a handgun in the direction of the deputy, who soon lost sight of him.

What followed was a grueling three-hour search operation involving personnel and K9 units from various state and local law enforcement agencies. The relentless pursuit only came to an end when a resident on Pine Villa Drive spotted Nash and promptly dialed 911. Recognizing him from the authorities’ description, the resident reported that Nash had sought a ride and appeared to have been swimming and traversing through the nearby woods. Deputies arrived swiftly on the scene and succeeded in apprehending Nash without further incident.

Authorities wasted no time in charging Nash with multiple offenses, including trafficking methamphetamine, aggravated assault on law enforcement, attempted removal of a weapon from a law enforcement officer, and obstructing or hindering law enforcement. Nash was subsequently booked at the Stephens County Jail, where he awaits further legal proceedings. Given his current status on federal parole, additional charges are expected to follow.


In a surprising turn of events, law enforcement officials also arrested Melissa Grizzle, a female passenger who was traveling with Nash at the time of the incident. Grizzle has been charged with trafficking methamphetamine. Sheriff Randy Shirley expressed his gratitude towards the numerous agencies involved in the exhaustive search, including the Georgia State Patrol Posts 7 (Toccoa) and 52 (Hartwell), the Georgia Department of Corrections, the Toccoa Police Department, and the sheriff’s offices in Hart, Hall, Franklin, and Rabun counties. Furthermore, he extended his appreciation to the vigilant community members whose assistance ultimately led to Nash’s capture.

In conclusion, the arrest of Brandon Nash following a daring manhunt has brought a sense of relief to the residents of Cleveland, Georgia. The incident serves as a testament to the dedication and teamwork exhibited by law enforcement agencies, as well as the invaluable role played by vigilant community members in maintaining public safety and ensuring the swift apprehension of individuals involved in criminal activities..