University of Nevada Shooting: Victims Identified as Professor Cha Jan Chang and Assistant Professor Patricia Navarro Velez

Accident – Death – Obituary News : The gunman responsible for Wednesday’s shooting at the University of Nevada’s Las Vegas campus has been identified by police as 67-year-old Anthony Polito, a former college professor. According to law enforcement, Polito had a “target list” of individuals, but none of them became victims. Police have contacted everyone on the list except for one person who is traveling internationally.

Prior to the attack, Polito had sent 22 letters to various university personnel across the country with no return address. The first intercepted letter contained an unknown white powder, prompting authorities to urge anyone who had received similar mail to contact them.

Authorities believe that Polito’s motive for the shooting may have been his frustration over being rejected for job opportunities at different colleges. He had recently applied for a job at the University of Nevada but was not accepted.

Three victims were killed in the shooting, identified as professors Cha Jan Chang, 64, and Patricia Navarro Velez, 39. Another faculty member was injured and remains hospitalized.

The shooting has left the University of Nevada community in shock. President Keith Whitfield expressed his condolences, stating, “Today is a tragic day for UNLV. We’re all still in shock as we process the unfathomable event. Members of our community lost their lives and others were injured. My heart aches for our UNLV family.”

Investigations are ongoing to determine Polito’s motive and the contents of the letters he sent. Police have confirmed that Polito acted alone and there are no other suspects involved.

The shooting has had a significant impact on the university and its students. President Whitfield acknowledged the emotional toll it has taken, saying, “What students, employees, and campus visitors endured yesterday during the shooting and the tense aftermath is life-changing. I again thank everyone for taking the call to shelter in place seriously.”

The University of Nevada community, as well as the wider academic community, mourns the loss of the victims and seeks to support one another during this difficult time..