Shane James Identified as Suspect in Texas Shooting Spree: Two Victims Found Dead in Southwest Austin Home

Accident – Death – Obituary News : A horrific shooting spree unfolded in Texas on Tuesday, leaving a total of six people dead and several others injured. The rampage began outside an Austin ISD school, where four individuals lost their lives. Additionally, a double-homicide occurred in San Antonio. The Austin Police Department has identified two of the victims as 56-year-old Catherine Short and 30-year-old Lauren Short. The bodies of the two women were discovered in a home in Southwest Austin after police received a call about a burglary in progress.

The suspect, 34-year-old Shane James, was seen by a responding officer in the backyard of the home. James opened fire, and the officer returned fire, sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. James managed to escape the scene in a vehicle. Following a pursuit with officers, he ultimately crashed at the intersection of South Highway 45 and FM 1826 and was apprehended by law enforcement.

As more information about Shane James emerges, it is revealed that he has a military background and a history of mental health issues. Jail records indicate that he was booked into the Travis County Jail on capital murder charges, as well as an outstanding warrant for assault with injury, family violence. Further charges are pending. James had previously been arrested in January 2022 on three misdemeanor assault charges involving his parents and a sibling. He was released on bond by the Texas Organizing Project in March 2022 but subsequently removed his ankle monitor the next day. His most recent encounter with law enforcement occurred in August 2023 during a mental health episode at a home in San Antonio where he was believed to be residing with his parents.

The shooting spree began on December 5, when an Austin ISD police sergeant reported being shot in the leg in the parking lot of Nelson Field. The school was placed on lockdown as authorities searched for the suspect. Multiple 911 calls were received around noon about a shooting on Shadywood Drive, where the suspect targeted a handyman sitting in his car and shot him through the passenger window. A woman who witnessed the incident was chased down and shot by the suspect. He then stole the handyman’s car after throwing him out. The victims in this case have been identified as 24-year-old Sabrina Rahman and 32-year-old Emmanuel Pop Ba.

It was not until after James was apprehended that law enforcement realized he was responsible for all the incidents. In total, six people lost their lives, and three others were injured. One of the injured was a 39-year-old male cyclist who was shot on West Slaughter Lane. Thankfully, his injuries were not life-threatening.

Upon investigating James’ residence in San Antonio, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office discovered water coming out of the home. When they entered, they found the bodies of James’ parents, 55-year-old Phyllis James and 56-year-old Shane James Sr. Both had sustained gunshot wounds to the upper body. Deputies believe that James killed his parents between the evening of December 4 and the morning of December 5 before carrying out his shooting spree in Austin.

The devastating events have left the communities of Austin and San Antonio in shock and mourning. Families of the victims have expressed their grief and are seeking answers as to why this tragedy occurred. Law enforcement agencies from across the region responded to assist in the investigation and ensure the safety of the public.

This article was compiled using information from various reporters at FOX 7 Austin, including Rudy Koski, John Krinjak, Angela Shen, Tan Radford, Amanda Ruiz, Carissa Lehmkuhl, and Meredith Aldis..