Police Respond to Shooting at University of Nevada, Las Vegas Campus: Victim Identified as Professor Patricia Navarro Velez

Accident – Death – Obituary News : Police have responded to a shooting incident that took place at the University of Nevada’s Las Vegas campus on Wednesday. The gunman, identified as 67-year-old Anthony Polito, had a “target list” of individuals, according to law enforcement officials. Police have contacted everyone on the list except for one person who is currently traveling internationally. Fortunately, none of the individuals on the target list became victims of the shooting.

Prior to the attack, Polito had sent 22 letters to various university personnel across the country, with no return address. One of the intercepted letters contained an unknown white powder, prompting authorities to urge anyone who had received such mail to contact them. Police are currently working with the postal inspector and federal partners to process these letters and identify their contents.

During a press conference, it was revealed that Polito was a former college professor who had faced financial difficulties and had been rejected for several job opportunities at different colleges. Authorities believe that his frustration over these rejections may have been a motive for the shooting. A document similar to a last will and testament was found at Polito’s residence in Henderson.

The victims of the shooting have been identified as professor Cha Jan Chang, 64, and assistant professor Patricia Navarro Velez, 39, both of Las Vegas. Both were faculty members at the University of Nevada. The identity of the third victim, also a faculty member, is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.

Keith Whitfield, the president of UNLV, expressed his heartbreak over the “senseless act of violence” that resulted in the death of three faculty members. He described Dr. Patricia Navarro-Velez as a dedicated educator who had focused on teaching accounting information systems, and Dr. Cha Jan Chang as a longtime educator of management information systems. Whitfield thanked everyone for their cooperation during the shooting and subsequent lockdown, and expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support received by the university.

At this time, the motive behind the shooting is still unknown. Police are continuing to investigate the incident and understand Polito’s motives. It is believed that he acted alone, and there is no indication of any other suspects involved in the shooting..