“Bihar sand mafia attack FIR” : Illegal Sand Mining Attack in Bihar Leaves Mining Inspector and Six Officials Injured

Accident – Death – Obituary News : Illegal Sand Miners Attack Mining Officials in Bihar’s Kishanganj District, Leaving Six Injured

In a shocking incident that occurred on Thursday afternoon, a group of individuals involved in illegal sand mining allegedly launched a brutal attack on mining officials in Bihar’s Kishanganj district, resulting in injuries to at least six officials, including the mining inspector. The incident took place during raids conducted to apprehend the accused, subsequent to the filing of a First Information Report (FIR) against 21 individuals by the police. The attackers have been identified and efforts are underway to bring them to justice.

The unfortunate incident unfolded around 3 pm when a team led by the mining inspector responded to a complaint about the unlawful extraction of sand. As soon as the team arrived at the site, approximately 25 assailants attacked them, wielding weapons and pelting stones. “They also pelted stones at the team and several team members, including me, got injured,” shared mining inspector Umashankar Singh, recounting the harrowing encounter.

By the time the local police reached the scene, the perpetrators had managed to flee. The injured officials, including Singh, were swiftly transported to the Kishanganj district hospital for medical treatment. Meanwhile, based on the mining inspector’s written complaint, the police registered an FIR against 21 individuals under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including the Bihar minerals (Concession, Prevention of illegal mining transportation and storage Rules, 2019), sections 21 and 04 of the Mines and Minerals Development and Regulation (MMDR) Act, and section 15 of the Forest and Environment Protection Act, 1986.

The injured officials have been identified as Shambhu Paswan, Md Nasahad, Md Ismail, Bipin Kumar Yadav, Yogendra Prasad Singh (all constables), and the mining inspector himself. Furthermore, the police seized a sand-laden vehicle lacking a proper registration number, as well as a motorcycle, during the operation. “We have initiated raids to apprehend the accused,” stated station house officer (SHO) Nisha Kant Kumar, emphasizing the authorities’ commitment to ensuring justice is served.

The incident highlights the persistent issue of illegal sand mining in the region, which poses a significant threat to both the environment and public safety. The rampant extraction of sand from riverbeds and other areas without proper authorization has severe ecological consequences, leading to erosion, loss of biodiversity, and disruption of aquatic ecosystems. Moreover, such mining activities often involve the use of heavy machinery and pose risks to human lives, as demonstrated by this recent attack on mining officials.

The authorities are now intensifying their efforts to crack down on illegal sand mining operations and bring the culprits to justice. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of strict enforcement of mining regulations and the need for greater awareness among the public about the detrimental impact of illegal sand mining on the environment and society.

As investigations continue and the search for the attackers continues, it is hoped that this incident will serve as a catalyst for stronger measures against illegal sand mining in Bihar, ensuring the preservation of natural resources and the safety of those tasked with upholding the law..