Man Sentenced for Selling Oxycodone to Friend Who Overdosed and Died in 2022

By | November 21, 2023



Police – Accident – Death – Obituary News : A 36-year-old Lincoln man, Ronald Mach Jr., has been sentenced for selling oxycodone pills to a close friend, Travis Tussing, who tragically overdosed and died in 2022. During his sentencing, Mach expressed deep remorse and stated that he has to live with the guilt of his actions, which tear him apart.

Mach admitted to battling addiction and depression and going through a difficult period in his life. He claimed that he and Tussing were both trying to get clean and that the entire situation was “messed up.” Lincoln police discovered text messages on Tussing’s phone from Mach the day before his death, which appeared to be discussing a drug deal. Pills were also found near Tussing’s body.

Despite pleading no contest to delivery and seeking treatment for his addiction, Mach’s attorney argued for a lengthy probation term instead of prison time. The defense attorney emphasized that addiction is what truly kills people and that Mach did not intend for Tussing’s death to occur.

Deputy County Attorney Tyson Moodie, however, expressed doubts about Mach’s sincerity and accused him of mitigating his responsibility by shifting blame onto Tussing. Moodie cited a text exchange between Mach and another individual, where Mach expressed concern about his drug source cutting him off following Tussing’s death.

Mach, on the other hand, claimed that he was unaware of Tussing’s death until his arrest. He attributed his addiction to a pain pill dependency that developed after an injury and stated that he had tried various treatments, including hospitals and pain clinics, without success. Mach believed that the only effective solution was obtaining pills from the street.

Lancaster County District Judge Susan Strong acknowledged the difficulty of the case due to the loss of life but also noted that Mach had made positive changes in his life. She mentioned that the victim’s mother had written a character letter for Mach, asking the court not to sentence him to prison. Considering these factors, Judge Strong sentenced Mach to five years of probation.

The case highlights the dangers of addiction and the devastating consequences that drug dealing can have on individuals and their communities. It serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing addiction as a public health issue and providing support and treatment options for those struggling with substance abuse..