Murder-Suicide in Lorain: Tyler Young Kills Wife Skylar, Stepdaughter Angel, and Son Bandin

By | November 20, 2023



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Tragic Discovery of Four Dead Bodies in Lorain Apartment

Incident Indicates Murder-Suicide, Police Suspect

On the morning of November 19, a concerned resident of Lorain, a city in Ohio, reported a distressing sight of dogs running loose on East Ninth Street. This complaint led the Lorain Police Department to uncover a horrifying scene inside a split-level apartment residence at 129 E 9th St. Four lifeless bodies were found, prompting an extensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

Police Press Conference Reveals Disturbing Details

In order to provide the Lorain community with more information, Lieutenant Jacob Morris, the Department’s public information officer, held a press conference on November 20 at Lorain City Hall. During the conference, Lt. Morris shared distressing facts and evidence that currently point towards a murder-suicide.

According to Lt. Morris, all indications suggest that Tyler Young, a 29-year-old resident, was responsible for the deaths. It is believed that Young used a combination of firearms found inside the apartment to end the lives of his wife, Skylar Young, aged 24, his stepdaughter, Angel Isaac, aged 9, and their infant son, Bandin Young, aged only 4 months.

One of the firearms, a 9 mm pistol, was discovered near Tyler Young’s lifeless body, leading investigators to suspect that this tragic incident was indeed a murder-suicide.

Gruesome Scene Unveiled by Law Enforcement

When Lorain police entered the upstairs apartment, they were immediately confronted with the lifeless body of Tyler Young. The tragic sight of Young, with a fatal gunshot wound to his head, was a grim indication of the horror that awaited them.

Further exploration of the residence revealed the bodies of Skylar Young and their infant son, Bandin. Lt. Morris stated that these two victims appeared to have succumbed to gunshot wounds “for some time” before the police arrived on the scene. Based on the evidence, it is believed that the incident occurred between the hours of 1 and 10 a.m. on November 19.

Another heartbreaking discovery was made when officers found the lifeless body of Angel Isaac. The apartment’s history of domestic violence incidents, as reported by Skylar Young earlier this year, raised concerns about the mental health of Tyler Young and its possible contribution to this tragic event.

Unsecured Door Raises Questions

According to the initial news release by the Lorain Police Department on November 19, the bodies were discovered when officers found the door to the residence unsecured. The reason behind the apartment’s front door being left unsecured remains unknown, leaving investigators with yet another puzzle to unravel.

Condolences and Transparency

Lt. Morris expressed his deepest condolences to the grieving families affected by this devastating incident. He assured the public that, given the nature of a murder-suicide, there are currently no known suspects or witnesses. The Lorain Police Department is fully committed to supporting the community during this emotional time.

Furthermore, Lt. Morris highlighted the department’s dedication to transparency under the leadership of Chief James McCann. Keeping the public informed and updated about ongoing investigations is a top priority for the Lorain Police Department.

Ongoing Investigation

The Lorain Police Department is conducting an extensive investigation into this tragic murder-suicide. With the aim of finding answers and providing closure to the affected families, law enforcement officials are diligently working to uncover any additional details surrounding this heart-wrenching event.