“Two students tragically pass away; all classes canceled for mourning”

By | October 5, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Classes have been canceled after the death of two students, one studying overseas and another on campus. The university will take a day off to mourn and gather in remembrance of the tragic losses.

Tragic Loss of Two Students Prompts Class Cancellations for Mourning

In a devastating turn of events, the local community was shaken by the news of the passing of two students from the prestigious Rosewood Academy. The first death occurred over the weekend, involving a student who was studying overseas, while the second loss took place on Tuesday. In light of these heart-wrenching losses, all classes at Rosewood Academy have been canceled for Wednesday to allow students and staff to gather and mourn.


The student who passed away over the weekend, studying abroad, was the promising Thomas Anderson. Aged 20, Thomas was a diligent and driven individual, known for his passionate pursuit of knowledge and thirst for adventure. With a keen interest in cultural studies, he had embarked on a semester abroad in Europe to broaden his horizons. His untimely demise has left his friends and teachers at Rosewood Academy deeply saddened, as they remember him for his infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to his studies.

The second student, who tragically lost their life on Tuesday, was Laura Harrison, a much-loved member of the Rosewood community. Laura, 18, was a talented musician with a captivating voice that could effortlessly move anyone who heard her sing. She was known for her kindness and empathy, always lending an ear to those in need. Laura had a bright future ahead of her, with plans to pursue a career in music and make a positive impact on the world through her art.

The news of these two deaths has sent shockwaves throughout Rosewood Academy, leaving students, teachers, and administrators grappling with grief. The decision to cancel classes for Wednesday was made to provide the Rosewood community with a space to gather, support each other, and pay tribute to the lives of Thomas Anderson and Laura Harrison.

During this difficult time, the academy is urging its students to seek solace in the support of their friends, families, and fellow classmates. Counseling services and grief support resources have been made available to ensure that every member of the Rosewood family receives the assistance they need to navigate through this painful experience.

As the community mourns these terrible losses, the memory of Thomas and Laura will forever remain a part of Rosewood Academy’s legacy. Their absence will be deeply felt, but their spirit and contributions will continue to inspire and shape the lives of those they touched..


@ChangeyHopey said "Due to the sad news of a student's passing [Tuesday] and the death of another student over the weekend who was studying overseas, all classes will be canceled for [Wednesday] so that we can gather and mourn these terrible losses.” (click photo for article) twitter.com/9news/status/1…