Cyclist injured in car crash succumbs to injuries as HCC plans protest for safer Hackney roads

By | October 4, 2023



Death – Obituary News : A cyclist who was critically injured in a car crash on Kenworthy Road last month has sadly passed away in the hospital. Hackney Cycling Campaign (HCC) will be organizing a protest on November 18th to draw attention to the dangerous conditions on several roads in Hackney.


Title: Tragic Death of Cyclist Sheds Light on Dangerous Road Conditions in Hackney

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the cyclist who was critically injured in a car crash on Kenworthy Road last month has tragically succumbed to their injuries while undergoing treatment at the hospital. The Hackney community mourns the loss of an individual whose life was cut short due to the perilous conditions on local roads.

The deceased, whose identity has not been disclosed, was a passionate advocate for cycling and had been actively involved in promoting road safety measures in the borough. Their commitment to the cause was evident in their participation in the Hackney Cycling Campaign (HCC), which tirelessly works towards improving road conditions to ensure the safety of cyclists.

This tragic incident has only served to highlight the urgent need for change. In response, the HCC has announced plans to hold a protest on Wednesday, the 18th of November, aiming to draw attention to the dangerous conditions that persist on far too many roads in Hackney. The campaign demands that local authorities take immediate action to prioritize road safety, particularly for vulnerable road users.

The deceased cyclist’s dedication to the cause will be remembered as their legacy. By actively engaging with the community and striving for safer roads, they paved the way for a more inclusive and sustainable transportation system in Hackney. Their unwavering commitment to cycling and road safety will continue to inspire others to join the movement and fight for change.

The loss of this individual’s life serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by cyclists on a daily basis. It is imperative that the local government and relevant authorities take swift action to address these concerns, implementing necessary measures to ensure the safety of all road users. The tragic death of the cyclist should not be in vain; it should be a catalyst for change, prompting a comprehensive review of road infrastructure in Hackney and beyond.

As the community grieves this devastating loss, the memory of the deceased cyclist will serve as a reminder of the urgent need for safer roads and the collective responsibility to protect vulnerable road users..


@hackney_cycling said Sadly, the cyclist critically injured in a car crash on Kenworthy Road last month, has died in hospital. HCC will be holding a protest on Wednesday, 18th of November to highlight the dangerous conditions on too many Hackney roads.…