Melinda Mihlbauer, Professional School Counsellor at Woodland HS, Passes Away

By | September 20, 2023



Death – Obituary News : It is with deep sadness that we report on the passing of Melinda Mihlbauer, a highly esteemed professional school counselor at Woodland High School. While news articles have shared this heartbreaking news, it is important to note that the reports are still in the process of being confirmed and validated.

Melinda Mihlbauer was a beloved member of the Woodland High School community, known for her dedication and passion for helping students navigate their academic and personal lives. Her profound impact on the lives of countless students and colleagues cannot be overstated. Melinda’s warm and empathetic nature made her a trusted confidant and mentor to many.

As a professional school counselor, Melinda played a crucial role in guiding students through their educational journey, providing support, encouragement, and guidance. Her commitment to their well-being extended beyond the classroom, as she tirelessly advocated for their mental health and personal growth.

Melinda Mihlbauer’s presence will be deeply missed, not only within the walls of Woodland High School but also in the broader community. Her infectious smile, compassionate heart, and unwavering dedication to her profession touched the lives of everyone she encountered.

As we mourn the loss of Melinda Mihlbauer, we extend our heartfelt condolences to her family, friends, colleagues, and all those who had the privilege of knowing her. Her legacy as a compassionate and dedicated professional school counselor will continue to inspire and guide us all.

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