Raja Harnarinder Singh, Ex-Principal of Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar, Passes Away

By | September 12, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Raja Harnarinder Singh, the former principal of Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar, has passed away. Singh was known for organizing annual events for the 1986 #SakaNakodar and protecting the college campus from police entry during sensitive times. His death is deeply mourned.

Raja Harnarinder Singh, the esteemed former Principal of Lyallpur Khalsa College in Jalandhar, has passed away, leaving the academic community and his loved ones in deep sorrow. His demise marks the end of an era for the college, as he played a pivotal role in shaping its legacy.


During his tenure, Singh organized annual events for the 1986 #SakaNakodar, demonstrating his dedication to commemorating the historic event. This tragic incident, which occurred during his time as Principal, saw the loss of innocent lives during a protest against the Indian government. Singh’s commitment to honoring the memory of those affected by the tragedy was truly commendable.

One notable aspect of Singh’s leadership was his unwavering determination to safeguard the college campus from police intrusion during sensitive times. His resolute stance in protecting the college community resonated deeply with students, faculty, and staff. Singh’s unwavering dedication to preserving the sanctity of the campus was a testament to his strong character and belief in creating a safe environment for learning.

Singh’s legacy extends far beyond his administrative accomplishments. He was a beacon of inspiration for countless students, guiding them towards academic excellence and personal growth. His nurturing approach and genuine care for his students made him a beloved figure within the college community. Singh’s passion for education and commitment to fostering a supportive environment will be remembered as a cornerstone of his legacy.

As news of Raja Harnarinder Singh’s passing spreads, grief and sadness fill the hearts of those who knew him. The Lyallpur Khalsa College community mourns the loss of an exceptional leader, mentor, and advocate. Singh’s contributions to the college and his unwavering dedication to his students will forever be etched in the annals of its history. May his soul rest in eternal peace..

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