Horizonte Minerals Mourns the Loss of David Hall, Co-founder and Former Chairman

By | September 12, 2023



Death – Obituary News : David Hall, co-founder and former Chairman of Horizonte Minerals Plc, has passed away. The company expresses its condolences and pays tribute to his legacy.

Horizonte Minerals Plc, a prominent mining company, has announced with deep regret and sadness the passing of David Hall, the co-founder and former Chairman. Mr. Hall was a highly respected figure in the mining industry, known for his exceptional leadership and contributions to the company’s success.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, David Hall developed an interest in the mining sector from an early age. He pursued his passion by obtaining a degree in Mining Engineering from the renowned Camborne School of Mines. After completing his education, Hall embarked on a remarkable career in the mining industry, working for various companies and gaining invaluable experience.


In 2005, alongside his colleagues, Hall co-founded Horizonte Minerals Plc, which quickly emerged as a key player in the mining sector. Under his visionary leadership as Chairman, the company experienced significant growth and achieved numerous milestones. Hall’s strategic decision-making and unwavering commitment to excellence propelled Horizonte Minerals to new heights, making it a leading force in the industry.

Beyond his professional achievements, David Hall was known for his integrity and humility. He was admired by his colleagues and peers for his willingness to mentor and guide young professionals, assisting them in realizing their potential in the mining field.

The passing of David Hall leaves a profound void in both the company and the mining industry as a whole. Horizonte Minerals Plc extends its heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues during this difficult time. The company acknowledges and honors his legacy, which will continue to inspire future generations in the mining sector.

As a mark of respect, Horizonte Minerals Plc plans to hold a memorial event to celebrate David Hall’s life and immense contributions to the industry. The details of the event will be communicated in due course.

The mining community mourns the loss of a true visionary and leader, as David Hall’s legacy will forever be remembered and cherished..

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