Dr James Rankin – An Icon in Addiction Medicine and St Vincent’s History

By | September 12, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Dr James (Jim) Rankin, a renowned leader in addiction medicine and a significant figure in the history of St Vincent’s, has passed away. The news of his death has saddened many, and his contributions to the field will be remembered.

Dr James (Jim) Rankin, a prominent figure in addiction medicine and a revered leader at St Vincent’s, passed away last week, leaving behind a remarkable legacy and a void that will be difficult to fill.


Dr Rankin was widely recognized as one of Australia’s foremost experts in addiction medicine. His dedication and tireless efforts in the field led to significant advancements in the understanding and treatment of addiction. Throughout his career, he touched the lives of countless individuals, offering them hope and a path towards recovery.

Born in London, Dr Rankin completed his medical studies at the University of Oxford before moving to Australia in the early 1980s. He joined St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, where he became an integral part of the hospital’s addiction medicine unit. Dr Rankin’s passion for his work was evident in his commitment to his patients and his unwavering pursuit of excellence in the field.

Beyond his clinical work, Dr Rankin was also known for his contributions to research and education. He authored numerous papers and publications that furthered the understanding of addiction and its treatment. As a mentor and educator, he inspired many aspiring addiction medicine specialists to follow in his footsteps.

Dr Rankin’s impact extended far beyond the hospital walls. He actively advocated for improved addiction treatment services and played a pivotal role in shaping addiction policies in Australia. His advocacy work and leadership were instrumental in raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals struggling with addiction and working towards reducing the stigma associated with it.

The news of Dr Rankin’s passing has deeply saddened the medical community and all those whose lives he touched. His dedication, expertise, and compassion will be sorely missed, but his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of addiction medicine professionals. St Vincent’s Health and the wider community will forever remember Dr James Rankin as a true pioneer in addiction medicine and a compassionate healer..

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