“Thousands of Palestinians Killed and Tortured by Assad Regime in Syria: A Tragic Loss”

By | September 7, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Palestinian Voice For Peace expresses sadness over Jeremy Corbyn’s support for Palestinians but failure to acknowledge the thousands of Palestinians killed and tortured by the Assad regime in Syria, with assistance from Iran and Russia. The organization is unable to understand the reason behind this omission.

Title: Palestinian Voice For Peace Expresses Disappointment in Jeremy Corbyn’s Selective Support

Date: September 7, 2023


In a recent tweet, the Palestinian Voice For Peace (PVFP) expressed deep sadness and disappointment over the selective support shown by Jeremy Corbyn towards the Palestinian people. PVFP highlighted that while Corbyn advocates for the rights of Palestinians, his support does not extend to the thousands who have lost their lives or endured torture under the Assad regime in Syria, with the backing of Iran and Russia.

The PVFP’s statement comes as a shock to many who have admired Corbyn’s championing of Palestinian rights. His failure to acknowledge the plight of Palestinians suffering under the Assad regime has left the organization perplexed, as they struggle to understand the reasoning behind this omission.

As an advocacy group dedicated to promoting peace, justice, and human rights for Palestinians, the PVFP has consistently condemned all forms of violence and oppression. Their mission is to ensure the international community’s attention remains focused on the countless Palestinians who have been affected by conflict and injustice.

While PVFP refrained from mentioning specific individuals who have lost their lives due to the Assad regime’s actions, their statement serves as a reminder of the ongoing suffering endured by Palestinians in various parts of the world.

PVFP’s disappointment in Jeremy Corbyn’s stance raises questions about the consistency and inclusivity of his support. The organization calls for a more comprehensive approach to advocating for Palestinian rights that includes acknowledging the suffering of Palestinians beyond the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

As the world continues to grapple with complex geopolitical dynamics, the PVFP’s concerns serve as a reminder of the importance of inclusive solidarity and support for all Palestinians, regardless of their location. Only through such an approach can a just and lasting peace be achieved for the Palestinian people..