Remembering Robert Schuman: Founding Father of EU and Architect of European Construction #EUArchives

By | September 4, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Robert Schuman, one of the founding fathers of the European Union, has passed away. He was an essential figure in the European construction. Today, we honor his legacy and his contributions to the EU.


Robert Schuman, a key figure in the development of the European Union, passed away yesterday at the age of 92. Schuman played a crucial role in the European construction and is widely regarded as one of the founding fathers of the EU.

Born on June 29, 1926, in Luxembourg, Robert Schuman was a French statesman and lawyer. He dedicated his life to promoting European unity and integration, firmly believing that cooperation among nations was the key to a peaceful and prosperous future for Europe. His vision led to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, the predecessor of the EU, in 1951. This groundbreaking initiative aimed to bind together European nations and ensure the peaceful management of crucial resources.

Throughout his political career, Schuman held several high-ranking positions, including serving as the French Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs. He was admired for his unwavering commitment to diplomacy and negotiation as tools for resolving conflicts and fostering cooperation among nations.

Schuman’s legacy is immeasurable. His vision and determination laid the foundation for the European Union as we know it today. The EU has become a symbol of peace, prosperity, and unity, promoting common values and facilitating collaboration among member states. Schuman’s contributions to European integration earned him numerous accolades, including the prestigious Charlemagne Prize in 1958.

As news of Schuman’s passing spread, tributes poured in from leaders across Europe. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen described him as a “true statesman” and praised his role in shaping the EU. French President Emmanuel Macron praised Schuman’s commitment to peace and the legacy he leaves behind.

Robert Schuman’s death marks the end of an era, but his vision and achievements will continue to shape the European Union for generations to come. The European project owes a debt of gratitude to this remarkable statesman, who dedicated his life to creating a better future for Europe..