“MetaArenaPDX: Farewell to a Beloved Gathering Spot for PDX Gamers “

By | September 4, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Portland locals are mourning the loss of Meta Arena, a popular gaming venue that hosted weekly Super Smash Bros tournaments. The closure of the establishment has left a void in the community, with many expressing gratitude for the fun times had there. Best wishes have been extended to the Meta Arena team.

Title: Local Gaming Community Mourns the Closure of Meta Arena in Portland


(Featured image: Meta Arena – Source: Twitter/@metaarenapdx)

Portland, UK – The gaming community in Portland was left devastated as Meta Arena, a beloved gathering spot for gamers, announced its closure on Sunday. The news has struck a chord with locals who frequented the venue every Sunday to engage in friendly competition and bond over their shared love for Super Smash Bros.

Meta Arena, a popular gaming hub located in the heart of Portland, had been consistently hosting gaming events and providing a welcoming space for all enthusiasts. The closure marks the end of an era for the gaming community, leaving a void that many fear will be hard to fill.

Founded by a group of passionate gamers, Meta Arena quickly became a hotspot for competitive gaming and casual meet-ups. It served as a haven for players of all skill levels who found solace in the camaraderie and shared experiences that flourished within its walls.

The legacy of Meta Arena is one of inclusivity and community-building. It provided a platform for gamers to showcase their skills, learn from one another, and forge lasting friendships. The venue fostered an environment where players could push their limits, challenge themselves, and grow both as individuals and as a collective gaming community.

The closure of Meta Arena has left a profound impact on the gaming landscape of Portland, with many expressing their gratitude for the memories and experiences they shared within its walls. As the gaming community mourns this loss, they hold onto the hope that another venue will rise to fill the void and continue to cultivate the same spirit of camaraderie and competition that Meta Arena once embodied.

Our thoughts are with the team behind Meta Arena, and we join the gaming community in expressing our deepest appreciation for their dedication and the lasting impact they have made on the local gaming scene..