Valarmathi, voice of #ISRO rocket launch countdowns, passes away after heart attack at Chennai hospital.

By | September 3, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Valarmathi, the powerful female voice behind ISRO rocket launch countdowns, has passed away in a Chennai hospital after suffering a heart attack. She was last heard counting down for Chandrayaan3 on July 14th. Her death marks the end of an era.

Iconic and Powerful Female Voice Behind ISRO Rocket Launch Countdowns, Valarmathi, Passes Away

Chennai, India – The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the entire nation mourn the loss of Valarmathi, the iconic and powerful female voice behind the ISRO rocket launch countdowns. She passed away at a Chennai hospital on Saturday evening after suffering a heart attack.

Valarmathi, also known as “ma’am” among her colleagues, was an integral part of the ISRO team for many years. Her distinctive voice, filled with confidence and authority, has guided numerous successful rocket launches by ISRO. Her countdowns were always met with anticipation and excitement from the nation, as she played a crucial role in the country’s space exploration journey.

Born and raised in Chennai, Valarmathi had a passion for science and technology from a young age. She pursued her education in engineering and joined ISRO as a young professional. Over the years, she became an invaluable asset to the organization, with her precise countdowns and unwavering dedication to her work.

Valarmathi’s legacy extends beyond her professional achievements. She was a role model for countless aspiring young women in India, proving that gender is never a barrier to success in the field of science and technology. Her remarkable journey inspired many to pursue their dreams and break stereotypes.

Her last countdown was heard on July 14th for the Chandrayaan-3 LVM3 mission. Her absence will be deeply felt by the ISRO team and the entire nation, as her voice represented the hopes and dreams of a nation reaching for the stars.

Valarmathi will always be remembered as a trailblazer and a symbol of excellence in her field. Her contribution to India’s space exploration program will forever be etched in the history books. The nation bids farewell to this remarkable woman, mourning the loss of an incredible talent. May her soul rest in peace..