V Reveals Grandmother’s Passing During BTS’ Philippines Tour

By | September 3, 2023



Death – Obituary News : BTS member V revealed his recent emotional state was due to the passing of his grandmother while the group was in the Philippines for their 3rd Muster. Fans expressed their condolences and support for V during this difficult time.

V, a member of the globally renowned K-pop group BTS, is mourning the loss of his beloved grandmother. The heartbreaking news emerged during the group’s visit to the Philippines for their 3rd Muster event. V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, revealed to his fans the reason behind his recent despondency and listlessness.


V’s grandmother, whose identity remains undisclosed, passed away while BTS was in the Philippines, leaving the talented artist in a state of profound grief. The news came as a shock to fans, who had been eagerly anticipating the group’s performances and interactions with their beloved idols.

Although V has chosen to keep the details of his grandmother’s life private, her legacy undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping the person he has become. Throughout his career, V has expressed immense gratitude for the unwavering support and love he received from his family, especially his grandmother. Her presence and influence were a constant source of strength for the talented singer and actor.

Fans, known as the BTS Army, have flooded social media platforms with messages of support and condolences for V during this difficult time. Many have shared their own stories of loss and grief, offering words of comfort and understanding. The immense outpouring of love and solidarity from fans worldwide stands as a testament to the deep emotional connection between the artist and his dedicated followers.

As V mourns the loss of his grandmother, the BTS Army remains steadfast in their support, reminding him that he is not alone in his grief. The legacy of his beloved grandmother will continue to live on through V’s music and the indomitable spirit of the BTS fandom..