Death of Johannesburg Integrity Commissioner Dr Daniel Rampai

By | September 3, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Dr. Daniel Rampai, the Johannesburg Integrity Commissioner, has passed away. He was praised as a champion of the Rule of Law by ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba.

Johannesburg mourns the loss of Dr Daniel Rampai, the esteemed Integrity Commissioner, who passed away recently. Known as a stalwart defender of the Rule of Law, Dr Rampai leaves behind a legacy of integrity and dedication.


Born and raised in Johannesburg, Dr Rampai was a highly respected figure within the legal community. He earned his law degree from the prestigious University of Witwatersrand and went on to complete a doctorate in constitutional law. His expertise and passion for justice propelled him into a career focused on upholding the principles of the Rule of Law.

As the Integrity Commissioner, Dr Rampai played a crucial role in ensuring transparency and accountability within Johannesburg’s government. He tirelessly investigated allegations of corruption and misconduct, always seeking to maintain the highest ethical standards.

Dr Rampai’s legacy extends beyond his professional accomplishments. He was known for his unwavering commitment to social justice and equality, and he actively promoted access to justice for all members of society. His efforts to bridge the gap between the legal system and marginalized communities were widely recognized and appreciated.

ActionSA leader, Herman Mashaba, described Dr Rampai as the epitome of the Rule of Law and highlighted his invaluable contribution to the party. Dr Rampai’s dedication to ActionSA’s key values resonated deeply with its members and supporters.

The passing of Dr Daniel Rampai leaves a void in Johannesburg’s legal community and the fight against corruption. His unwavering commitment to justice and integrity will be sorely missed. As the city mourns the loss of a true champion of the Rule of Law, it is our duty to honor his memory by continuing his work and upholding the principles he held dear..