Marilyn Lovell, Apollo Astronaut’s Wife, Dies; Moon’s Mount Marilyn Remembered

By | September 1, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Marilyn Lovell, the wife of astronaut Jim Lovell, has passed away. She was known for her role in assisting Apollo astronauts in estimating their location during Moon landings. Mount Marilyn, named by her husband during Apollo 8 training, was one of the landmarks used for this purpose.

Marilyn Lovell, the beloved wife of esteemed astronaut Jim Lovell, has sadly passed away this week. Her departure marks the end of an era, as she leaves behind a remarkable legacy and a profound impact on the world of space exploration.


Born and raised in the heart of London, Marilyn Lovell was a woman of extraordinary intellect and unwavering support for her husband’s ventures. Married to Jim for over six decades, she stood by his side during his monumental Apollo missions, including Apollo 8 and Apollo 13.

During the rigorous training for Apollo 8, Marilyn’s influence manifested in a unique way. Mount Marilyn, a landmark named by Jim, became an essential tool for Apollo astronauts to determine their location during Moon landings. This notable contribution showcases the couple’s shared dedication to the advancement of space exploration.

Beyond her pivotal role in her husband’s career, Marilyn Lovell was also a devoted mother to their four children. Despite the challenges of Jim’s demanding profession, she provided a stable and loving home environment for their family.

Marilyn’s passing leaves a void in the hearts of those who knew her. Her warm smile, unwavering support, and determination will forever be remembered. Her legacy extends beyond her immediate family, as she has left an indelible mark on the world of space exploration.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) mourns the loss of Marilyn Lovell, acknowledging her invaluable contributions to the success of the Apollo missions. Her dedication to her husband’s work and her unwavering support for the advancement of space exploration will forever be cherished.

As we bid farewell to Marilyn Lovell, we honor her memory and the immeasurable impact she had on the world of space exploration. Her legacy will continue to inspire future generations to reach for the stars and explore the unknown..