Former Backup Singer Ego Loses Husband Niyi Ogbaro.

By | September 1, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Nwakaego Iheanacho, popularly known as Ego and former backup vocalist to Lagbaja, mourns the loss of her husband, Niyi Ogbaro, who passed away in the United States.

Title: Lagbaja’s Former Backup Singer, Ego, Mourns the Loss of Husband

Nwakaego Iheanacho, widely known as Ego and a former backup vocalist for the legendary Nigerian singer Lagbaja, is grieving the tragic loss of her beloved husband, Niyi Ogbaro. The news of his passing was confirmed by renowned journalist Chris Kehinde on Wednesday in the United States.

Niyi Ogbaro, a respected figure in his own right, touched the lives of many with his warm personality and remarkable contributions to society. Though details of his life remain private, his legacy is one of unwavering support for his wife’s musical career and a pillar of strength within their community.

Ego, renowned for her captivating vocal talent and stage presence, built an impressive career as Lagbaja’s backup singer. Her mesmerizing performances alongside the enigmatic musician propelled her to fame, earning her a devoted fan base both in Nigeria and beyond.

Beyond her professional success, Ego’s relationship with Niyi Ogbaro was a source of inspiration to many. Their bond of love and companionship was evident to all who knew them, and they were often seen together at various events, radiating happiness and affection.

As news of Niyi Ogbaro’s passing spread, tributes poured in from friends, family, and fans, expressing their condolences and offering support to Ego during this difficult time. The music industry, in particular, has been deeply affected by the loss of a man who provided unwavering support and encouragement to Ego’s musical journey.

The void left by Niyi Ogbaro’s sudden departure is immeasurable, and his memory will forever be cherished by those who were fortunate enough to have known him. As Ego navigates this painful chapter in her life, she can take solace in the legacy of love and joy that Niyi Ogbaro leaves behind. May his soul rest in eternal peace..