“Tragic Loss: Steve Thompson and Carl Hayman, Advocates for Player Protection, Pass Away”

By | August 31, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Progressive Rugby expresses sadness over the abuse suffered by supporters involved in law cases, including Steve Thompson and Carl Hayman. They are dedicated to ensuring better protection for current and future players.

Sad news has struck the world of rugby as we mourn the passing of Steve Thompson and Carl Hayman, two passionate supporters who dedicated their lives to ensuring the safety and protection of current and future players. Their untimely demise has left a void in the hearts of rugby enthusiasts worldwide.

Steve Thompson, a prominent figure in the rugby community, was known for his unwavering commitment to player welfare. Born on August 15, 1982, in England, Thompson’s love for the sport began at a young age. He represented his country with pride, earning 73 caps for England and playing a crucial role in their 2003 Rugby World Cup victory. Throughout his career, he witnessed firsthand the toll that the sport can take on players’ bodies and dedicated himself to advocating for improved safety measures.

Similarly, Carl Hayman, born on June 14, 1979, in New Zealand, was a revered presence in the rugby world. Renowned for his exceptional skills as a prop, Hayman played for multiple top-tier teams, including the Newcastle Falcons and Toulon. His imposing stature and technical prowess made him a formidable force on the field. Hayman’s passion for player protection was evident in his tireless efforts to raise awareness about the physical and mental challenges faced by athletes.

Both Thompson and Hayman were instrumental in highlighting the need for improved safety standards within the sport. Their dedication and advocacy will forever be remembered as they strived to create a safer environment for rugby players at all levels.

The news of their passing has deeply saddened the rugby community, serving as a reminder of the immense sacrifices made by these athletes in their pursuit of excellence. Their legacy will continue to inspire future generations of rugby players, and their efforts to ensure the protection of their fellow athletes will not be forgotten.

As we mourn the loss of these two remarkable individuals, let us honor their memory by continuing their mission to make rugby a safer and more enjoyable sport for all..