Protesters Demand Justice for Arshad Sharif’s Assassination, Govt Remains Silent

By | August 31, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Senior Journalist Arshad Sharif’s assassination has sparked protests and a resolution at the National Press Club in Islamabad. The public, journalists, and Sharif’s widow, Javeria Siddique, are criticizing the government’s silence on the release of Kenyan police officers involved in the crime.

Senior Journalist Arshad Sharif, known for his fearless reporting and dedication to uncovering the truth, was tragically assassinated by Kenyan police officers. The news of his untimely death has sent shockwaves through the journalism community and the public alike, prompting a protest and the passing of a resolution at the National Press Club in Islamabad.


Arshad Sharif, a prominent figure in Pakistani journalism, fearlessly pursued stories that exposed corruption and held those in power accountable. His unwavering commitment to the truth made him a beacon of hope for many, as he fearlessly reported on sensitive issues that others would shy away from.

Sharif’s dedication to his profession was matched by his compassion and empathy for the people he served. He believed in the power of journalism to bring about positive change and fought tirelessly for press freedom and the rights of journalists. His legacy will be remembered as one of a brave and principled journalist who refused to be silenced.

The public, journalists, and Sharif’s widow, Javeria Siddique, gathered at the National Press Club to express their outrage at the governments’ criminal silence on the release of the Kenyan police officers responsible for his assassination. The resolution passed at the protest called for justice to be served and for the perpetrators to be held accountable for their heinous act.

Arshad Sharif’s death is a devastating loss to the journalism community and a blow to press freedom. His unwavering courage and dedication to truth will continue to inspire future generations of journalists to fearlessly pursue the truth and shine a light on corruption and injustice. As the world mourns his loss, it is a stark reminder of the dangers journalists face in their pursuit of the truth..