IdolNinja, Creator of Saints Row 2 PC Patch, Passes Away

By | August 31, 2023



Death – Obituary News : IdolNinja, the creator of the Saints Row 2 PC patch, has sadly passed away. Before his death, he assured the community that the patch would continue to be worked on by Volition.

IdolNinja, the esteemed programmer and creator of the Saints Row 2 PC patch, has tragically passed away, leaving behind a legacy that will forever be remembered by fans of the popular game series. His death was announced on Twitter by a user known as “HATETHEREALME” on August 31, 2023.

IdolNinja, whose real name is yet to be disclosed, was widely recognized for his exceptional skills in coding and his dedication to improving the gaming experience for players. The Saints Row 2 PC patch, a project he passionately worked on, aimed to address various issues and enhance the gameplay for PC users. The patch quickly gained popularity among the gaming community, earning IdolNinja a respected place in the hearts of many fans.


In his final days, IdolNinja reassured the community that his groundbreaking work on the patch would be continued by Volition, the game’s developer. This commitment provided solace to countless players who had eagerly awaited updates and improvements.

IdolNinja’s sudden departure has left a void in the gaming industry, as his talent and passion were unrivaled. He will be remembered for his relentless dedication to his craft and his desire to provide gamers with the best possible experience.

The loss of this talented programmer is felt deeply by the Saints Row community, who have expressed their condolences and gratitude for his contributions on social media platforms. Tributes continue to pour in, with fans sharing their fondest memories of playing Saints Row 2 and acknowledging the impact that IdolNinja’s work had on their enjoyment of the game.

While IdolNinja may no longer be with us, his legacy lives on through the continued efforts of Volition and the enduring love of the gaming community. His name will forever be associated with the Saints Row series and the remarkable improvements he made for PC players. Rest in peace, IdolNinja, and thank you for sharing your talent with the world..