Eritrean Cycling Icons Berbere and Gebregzabiher Pass Away in 1994

By | August 31, 2023



Death – Obituary News : Eritrean cycling legends Woldemikael Asghodom (Berbere) and Gebregzabiher Woldetatyos, who were part of the team “Africa” founded by native Eritreans in 1951, have passed away in 1994. Berbere, winner of the Tour of Eritrea in 1947, ’48, ’49, ’51, and ’54, left behind a remarkable legacy.

Eritrea Mourns the Loss of Cycling Legends Woldemikael Asghodom and Gebregzabiher Woldetatyos

The Eritrean cycling community is in mourning as it bids farewell to two of its most beloved legends, Woldemikael Asghodom, affectionately known as Berbere, and Gebregzabiher Woldetatyos. These esteemed athletes were members of the trailblazing team “Africa” that was founded by native Eritreans in 1951. Their contributions to the sport and their lasting legacy will forever be etched in the annals of Eritrean cycling history.

Berbere, a true icon of Eritrean cycling, was a dominant force in the Tour of Eritrea, clinching victory in 1947, ’48, ’49, ’51, and ’54. His sheer determination, unwavering grit, and unparalleled talent made him a household name in the cycling world. Berbere’s repeated triumphs in the Tour of Eritrea not only brought immense pride to his nation but also inspired a generation of aspiring cyclists.

Gebregzabiher Woldetatyos, another revered member of the Africa team, was known for his tenacity and unyielding spirit. While his accomplishments may not have garnered the same level of attention as Berbere, his dedication to the sport and his unwavering support for his teammates made him an invaluable asset to the team.

Both Berbere and Gebregzabiher will be remembered not only for their exceptional cycling abilities but also for their humility, sportsmanship, and unwavering love for their country. Their legacy extends far beyond the podium, as they served as beacons of hope for a nation striving for greatness.

Their passing in 1994 has left an irreplaceable void in the hearts of Eritreans. However, their memory will forever live on in the hearts of those who witnessed their awe-inspiring feats and the generations that continue to be inspired by their legacy.

As Eritrea mourns the loss of these remarkable athletes, the cycling community, the nation, and the world pay tribute to their extraordinary contributions to the sport. Berbere and Gebregzabiher, may your souls find eternal peace as your spirits continue to inspire us all..