“Susan Toots, Beloved Community Member, Mourned After Tragic Passing”

By | August 22, 2023



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Susan Toots Obituary: Remembering a Dedicated Advocate for Migrant Workers

The global community mourns the loss of Susan “Toots” Ople, the Secretary of the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), who passed away on August 22, 2023. Her unwavering dedication to the welfare and rights of migrant workers has left an indelible mark.

London, United Kingdom – The global community is mourning the loss of Susan “Toots” Ople, a dedicated public servant and staunch advocate for migrant workers. Ople, who served as the Secretary of the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), passed away on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of tireless commitment to the welfare and rights of countless migrant workers and their families.

A Defender of Migrant Workers’ Rights

Born on June 25, 1970, Toots Ople’s passion for championing the rights of migrant workers was deeply rooted in her upbringing. As the daughter of the late Blas F. Ople, a prominent Filipino politician and former labor secretary, Toots was raised in an environment where advocating for the marginalized and vulnerable sectors of society was a way of life. Inspired by her father’s legacy, Toots embraced her role as a defender of migrant workers’ rights with unwavering dedication.

Transforming the Lives of Overseas Filipino Workers

Toots Ople’s tenure as Secretary of the DMW was marked by her tireless efforts to improve the conditions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and other migrant laborers. Under her leadership, the department implemented comprehensive programs aimed at providing legal protection, fair treatment, and enhanced working conditions for those working abroad. Her empathetic approach resonated deeply with the OFW community, as she consistently sought to address their concerns and uplift their quality of life.

A Hands-On Approach and International Advocacy

Beyond her administrative role, Toots Ople was known for her hands-on approach. She frequently visited OFWs in their host countries, immersing herself in their daily lives to assess their situations firsthand. Her genuine care and concern for the well-being of these workers earned her their respect and admiration. She firmly believed that every worker, regardless of their location or background, deserved to be treated with dignity and given a chance to thrive.
Toots Ople’s impact extended beyond her work within the DMW. She was a powerful voice in international forums, advocating for stronger labor protections and policies to safeguard the rights of migrant workers on a global scale. Her insights and recommendations were highly sought after by governments, non-governmental organizations, and international bodies alike.


A Lasting Legacy

The passing of Secretary Toots Ople has left a void in the fight for migrant workers’ rights, but her impact will continue to reverberate through the policies and programs she championed. Her unwavering dedication and compassionate approach serve as a reminder of the difference that one individual can make in the lives of those who are often marginalized and overlooked.
The Department of Migrant Workers has expressed its deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Secretary Toots Ople. As the world pays tribute to her remarkable contributions, her memory will continue to inspire future generations of advocates to stand up for justice and equality for all, regardless of their place of work or origin.