Recover Deleted Photos Android : “How to Easily Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Android | 100% Working Trick”

By | August 22, 2023



100%👍Ultimate Guide: Recover Deleted Photo/Video from Android Phone|Retrieve Deleted Photos with Ease

100%👍Working Trick: How To Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Your Android Phone

In this digital age, our smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We store precious memories in the form of photos and videos on our Android phones. However, there are times when we accidentally delete these cherished moments, and panic sets in. But worry not! There is a way to recover those deleted photos and videos. In this article, we will guide you through a foolproof method to recover your deleted files.

Step 1: Stop Using Your Phone Immediately

When you realize that you have deleted an important photo or video, it is crucial to stop using your phone right away. Continuing to use your phone might overwrite the deleted files, making them impossible to recover. So, put your phone aside and follow the next steps.

Step 2: Download a Reliable Recovery App

To recover your deleted photos and videos, you need a reliable recovery app. There are numerous apps available on the Google Play Store, but we recommend using “DiskDigger” for its effectiveness and user-friendly interface. Open the Play Store, search for “DiskDigger,” and install the app on your phone.


Step 3: Launch DiskDigger and Grant Permissions

Once you have installed DiskDigger, open the app. You will be prompted to grant certain permissions to access your phone’s storage. Allow all the necessary permissions to ensure that the app can scan your device thoroughly.

Step 4: Choose the Storage Medium

After granting permissions, you will see a screen displaying different storage mediums. Select the memory from which you want to recover your deleted photos and videos. Typically, this will be your phone’s internal memory or SD card.

Step 5: Scan for Deleted Files

Once you have selected the storage medium, DiskDigger will initiate a scan for deleted files. This process might take some time, depending on the size of your storage and the number of files it needs to scan. Sit back and let DiskDigger do its magic!

Step 6: Preview and Recover

Once the scan is complete, DiskDigger will display a list of recoverable files. You can browse through the list and preview the files to ensure they are the ones you want to recover. Select the photos and videos you wish to recover and tap on the “Recover” button.

Step 7: Choose the Recovery Location

When prompted to select the recovery location, choose a safe location where the recovered files will be saved. It is advisable to choose a location other than your phone’s internal memory or SD card to avoid overwriting any existing data.

Step 8: Wait for the Recovery Process

DiskDigger will start recovering the selected files and save them to the specified recovery location. This process might take some time, especially if you have chosen a large number of files to recover. Be patient and let the app complete the recovery process.

Step 9: Access Your Recovered Files

Once the recovery process is complete, you can access your recovered photos and videos from the specified recovery location. Transfer them to a secure location, such as your computer or cloud storage, to ensure their safety.

Congratulations! You have successfully recovered your deleted photos and videos using DiskDigger. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. To avoid such situations in the future, regularly back up your important files or enable automatic backup options provided by your phone’s manufacturer.

In conclusion, deleting precious memories from your Android phone can be disheartening, but with the right tools and method, you can recover them successfully. By following the steps mentioned above and using the DiskDigger app, you can retrieve your deleted photos and videos without any hassle. So, the next time you accidentally delete something important, don’t panic. Just follow this 100%👍working trick and recover your memories in no time!

100%👍Working Trick How To Recover Deleted Photo Video Android Phone|Delete Photos Recover Cheyandi


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