Mysterious Death of Haryana Singer Leaves Community in Shock

By | August 22, 2023



death – Obituary News : Raju Punjabi’s untimely demise has left his fans and followers in shock. The news of his death has been circulating on various social media platforms, causing an outpouring of grief among his admirers. For those who may not be familiar with him, Raju Punjabi was an Indian singer and performer renowned for his work in the Haryanvi music industry.

He gained recognition for his unique singing style and his ability to blend traditional Haryanvi music with modern elements. His songs often touched on themes that resonated with the local population, including rural life, farming, relationships, and social issues. With their upbeat and energetic feel, his music became immensely popular at local gatherings, events, and digital platforms, where his songs garnered millions of views.

Unfortunately, the music industry was recently devastated by the confirmation of Raju Punjabi’s passing. The details regarding his death have been collected from various sources and are covered in this article.

Raju Punjabi, a famous Haryanvi singer, passed away on August 22, 2023, after battling hepatitis B, a severe liver infection, for an extended period. Despite receiving treatment at a private hospital, he succumbed to the complications of his illness. The news of his passing has deeply saddened his fans and admirers, leading to an outpouring of tributes and condolences on social media.

Known for his distinctive singing style and ability to blend traditional Haryanvi folk music with modern elements, Raju Punjabi had garnered a significant following in the Haryanvi music scene. His songs resonated with a broad audience, both locally and beyond, due to their themes of rural life, relationships, and social issues. His death marked the end of an era for the Haryanvi music industry.

As of now, no obituary for Raju Punjabi has been posted. However, many people close to him have shared their condolence messages with his devastated family. Social media platforms have been flooded with grief and condolences, with fans and well-wishers remembering him for his musical contributions and pleasant nature. People have described him as a kind and lively individual who had a lasting impact on their lives.


The details of Punjabi’s funerals and memorial services are of concern to his fans and followers. According to reports, his last rites will be held in his native village, Rawatsar.

Raju Punjabi battled hepatitis B, a viral infection primarily affecting the liver, for an extended period before his unfortunate demise. Despite receiving treatment, his health deteriorated, ultimately leading to his passing. Hepatitis B can cause various symptoms and complications, including liver inflammation and damage. It is transmitted through contact with infected blood or bodily fluids and can have both acute and chronic forms. Though it remains unclear how Raju Punjabi contracted the illness, his struggle was known to his followers and the public.

Throughout his health journey, Raju Punjabi showcased his determination to fight the illness and continue pursuing his passion for music. His ability to create and perform despite his health challenges demonstrated his dedication and love for his craft.

The loss of Raju Punjabi has left a void in the Haryanvi music industry, and his fans will forever cherish his contributions to the genre. As they mourn his passing, they take solace in the memories and the legacy he leaves behind..