Kenyan Journalist Imprisoned for Wife’s Death Recounts Fatal Dispute

By | August 22, 2023



death – Obituary News : Former Kenyan Investigative Journalist Moses Dola, who is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for the death of his wife, Sarah Wambui, has opened up about the tragic incident that changed their lives forever in May 2011. Dola, a respected journalist who had worked with leading Kenyan media houses, recounted that he and Wambui fought over his loud music.

In a chilling narration on Inooro TV’s Njera-Ini Citu (Our Prisons), Dola detailed how he and his wife fell in love while working as journalists in a leading Kenyan media house. He described their love as “brewed in the newsroom” and spoke fondly of their time together.

Dola, a renowned investigative journalist known for his work at NMG, Radio Africa, and Citizen TV, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2018 after the judge determined that he was the stronger party in the fight that led to his wife’s death.

According to Dola, the fatal altercation occurred on May 1, 2011. He woke up early to listen to music and returned to the bedroom to find his wife infuriated by the loud volume. In the heat of the argument, Wambui went to disconnect the music from the radio, but Dola reconnected it at a lower volume. The heated argument escalated, and Dola claimed that his wife charged at him with a pair of scissors in her hand. In an attempt to evade her, they both fell, and unfortunately, Wambui hit her head against the bed, resulting in fatal injuries.

Despite the tragic outcome, Dola expressed his hopes of continuing his journalism career after serving his sentence. He also commemorated his wife’s death in May 2023, sharing a heart-rending video that marked over a decade without her. The emotional video featured throwback photos of Dola, Wambui, and their child, Nate.

Dola, who is also an anti-gender-based violence campaigner, expressed the profound impact of his wife’s absence in his life. He stated, “Many years have passed, 12 long years marked by your absence and sadness. I still remember the day you left. My world sank, Sarah. Police sirens remind me of prison.”


The story of Moses Dola serves as a tragic reminder of the consequences of domestic altercations and the importance of resolving conflicts peacefully. It also sheds light on the personal struggles and emotions experienced by individuals involved in such incidents. Dola’s account offers a valuable perspective on the complexities of relationships and the devastating consequences that can arise from a single moment of heated argument..