India’s Oldest Elephant Passes Away After Living for an Estimated 89 Years

By | August 22, 2023



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Beloved Elephant Passes Away at the Age of 89 on Indian Tea Farm

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One of the world’s oldest elephants has peacefully passed away on an Indian tea farm, leaving caretakers and locals saddened by the loss. Estimated to be around 89 years old, this magnificent creature had been a part of the tea estate since the colonial rule in the 1940s.

The elephant, affectionately named “Bijuli Prasad” in the style of traditional Indian names, was captured from the wild as a young bull and worked on tea farms in India’s eastern state of Assam’s Sonitpur district for several decades until his retirement in 2018.

Dr. Kushal Konwar Sarma, an experienced elephant veterinarian who provided care for Bijuli Prasad in his later years, stated, “Domestic elephants can live up to 80 years if they receive proper care.” Unfortunately, due to old age, all of the elephant’s teeth had fallen out, making it unable to eat. Dr. Sarma altered Bijuli Prasad’s diet, recommending boiled food with a high protein value, primarily consisting of rice and soybean.

Bijuli Prasad gained renown for his immense strength, effortlessly uprooting old tea bushes and clearing forested areas. The Times of India reported that he even bravely defended himself against attackers who attempted to seize his long tusks.


After retiring, Bijuli Prasad found a peaceful home at the Behali Tea Estate in Assam. Tragically, on Monday, the beloved elephant took his last breath. In a heartwarming farewell, Bijuli Prasad was draped in flowers and given a funeral ceremony conducted by a Hindu priest. He was then lovingly buried on the estate.

Ujjal Basnet, the deputy manager at Behali, expressed his deep sadness at the loss, stating, “Bijuli Prasad was the pride of our company.” Despite his retirement, the elephant continued to receive dedicated care, with a priest assigned to worship him and two mahouts (elephant keepers) responsible for his well-being.

Basnet further shared, “His passing was sudden, but it was a peaceful death.” The news of Bijuli Prasad’s demise has left a void in the hearts of all those who had the privilege of knowing this majestic creature.

Asian elephants typically live until their mid-50s in the wild, although exact data is scarce. However, according to Guinness World Records, the oldest known elephant, named “Lin Wang” or “Grandpa Lin,” lived to be 86 years old before passing away in Taipei Zoo, Taiwan, in 2003. Lin Wang had served Japanese forces by carrying supplies through Burma during World War II.


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