Ramon Yarborough, 90, Esteemed Publisher, Passes Away

By | August 21, 2023



death – Obituary News : Ramon Yarborough, a well-respected newspaper publisher and retired publisher of The Fayetteville Observer and Fayetteville Publishing Co., passed away on Monday at the age of 90. Mr. Yarborough, who died at his Fayetteville home, leaves behind a legacy of remarkable contributions to the journalism field.

Charles Broadwell, Mr. Yarborough’s nephew who succeeded him as publisher, expressed his sadness at the news but also highlighted the incredible life his uncle lived. Mr. Yarborough played a pivotal role in establishing The Fayetteville Times, a morning newspaper that was launched on July 2, 1973. The Fayetteville Observer, an afternoon newspaper owned by Fayetteville Publishing, is the oldest newspaper in the state.

Recalling the 50th anniversary of the morning newspaper, Mr. Yarborough shared in an interview with CityView that he was not nervous about the project due to his confidence in the capable staff. He expressed excitement about witnessing history in the making.

Later on, Mr. Yarborough oversaw the consolidation of both newspapers into one, which was then known as The Fayetteville Observer-Times. This move showcased his commitment to delivering quality journalism to the community.

Mr. Broadwell spoke highly of his uncle’s dedication to the craft and his kindness towards employees. He emphasized that the journalism produced under Mr. Yarborough’s leadership was of exceptional quality.

Above all, Mr. Yarborough’s pride and legacy were deeply rooted in the mission of serving the community through the newspaper. His commitment to providing reliable and informative news to the people of Fayetteville will be remembered fondly.


As this is a developing story, further details about Mr. Yarborough’s life and accomplishments may emerge in the coming days.

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