Lorenzo Bastelli, 14, Succumbs to Sarcoma, Embraces Eternal Serenity

By | August 21, 2023



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In a poignant and heart-wrenching display of talent, the late Daniel Small’s poem, titled “Rebirth,” has been awarded the coveted first place in the “Beauty Remains” competition held in Santa Margherita Ligure, Genoa. The 14-year-old boy’s powerful words resonated deeply with the judges and audience, leaving a lasting impact on all who encountered his work.

Written by Small during his battle with cancer, “Rebirth” captures the essence of his struggle and his unwavering spirit. The poem delves into the profound emotions he experienced, showcasing his immense courage and resilience in the face of immense pain and suffering.

Daniele Piccini, a renowned critic, was moved by Small’s poem and shared his thoughts on the piece. Piccini writes, “Rebirth is a masterpiece that evokes a sense of profound loss and longing. It speaks to the human condition and the struggles we all face. Small’s words have the power to transport us to another realm, where we confront our deepest fears and find solace in the beauty that remains.”

The poem itself is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Small’s words paint a vivid picture of a soul torn apart, memories haunting his every thought. The imagery of a decapitated match symbolizes the fragility of life, while the mention of tortured hearts and convulsing hands speaks to the physical and emotional pain he endured.

“Rebirth” is more than just a poem; it is a profound expression of the human experience. Small’s words have touched the hearts of many, reminding us of the fragility and beauty of life. Through his art, he has left a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire and move generations to come.


The “Beauty Remains” competition, held annually in Santa Margherita Ligure, aims to celebrate and honor the enduring beauty in the face of adversity. Small’s winning entry perfectly encapsulates the theme, showcasing the resilience and strength that can be found even in the darkest of times.

Small’s family, who attended the competition, expressed their pride and gratitude for the recognition his work has received. They shared that despite his young age, Daniel possessed a wisdom and maturity beyond his years, which is evident in the profound depth of his writing.

The impact of “Rebirth” extends far beyond the competition. It has become a symbol of hope and strength for those battling cancer and facing other challenges in life. Small’s bravery in sharing his personal journey through poetry has touched the lives of countless individuals and serves as a reminder to cherish every moment and find beauty in even the most difficult circumstances.

As the news of Small’s achievement spreads, his poem is gaining recognition not only for its emotional depth but also for its literary merit. Literary enthusiasts and scholars across the country are hailing “Rebirth” as a significant contribution to the world of poetry, praising its ability to evoke powerful emotions and provoke profound introspection.

In conclusion, Daniel Small’s poem, “Rebirth,” has emerged victorious in the “Beauty Remains” competition, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who have encountered his work. Through his poignant words, Small has immortalized his battle with cancer, reminding us all of the enduring beauty that can be found in the face of adversity. His legacy lives on as his poem continues to inspire and uplift, offering solace to those in need and reminding us of the power of art to heal even the deepest wounds..