Beloved Craft TV Personality Carol Duvall Passes Away at 97

By | August 19, 2023



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Renowned TV Host and Crafting Icon Carol Duvall Passes Away at 97

Traverse City, Michigan – Carol Duvall, the beloved television personality who captivated audiences nationwide with her folksy crafting act, sadly passed away on July 31 at the age of 97. Duvall, best known for her long-running show on HGTV, The Carol Duvall Show, leaves behind a lasting legacy in the world of crafts.

Born as Carol-Jean Reihmer on January 10, 1926, in Milwaukee, Duvall’s journey towards becoming a renowned TV host started when her family relocated to Grand Rapids when she was just 11 years old. While studying theater at Michigan State University, she discovered her passion for the stage and actively participated in local productions, honing her acting skills.

Duvall’s television career commenced in 1951 when she joined WOOD Grand Rapids, where she became a beloved figure on the children’s show, Jiffy Carnival, as reported by the reputable New York Times. Several years later, she moved on to WWJ Detroit, where she hosted the popular morning program, Living. During her time there, she also filled a five-minute gap between a travel show and a WWJ newscast in the evenings. This gap inadvertently became the canvas for her crafting talents as she started showcasing various crafts to entertain her viewers.

Her craft segments became a staple of WWJ, delighting audiences for an impressive 14 years before Duvall decided to retire. However, her passion for crafting led her to join ABC’s daytime show, Home, which aired from 1988 to 1994, further cementing her status as a crafting icon.

In 1994, Duvall embarked on a new chapter in her career as she began hosting The Carol Duvall Show on HGTV. The show became an instant hit, captivating viewers with its accessible and beginner-friendly craft projects. Over the course of its run, the show produced over 1,000 episodes, enlightening countless individuals about the joys of crafting. Sadly, in 2005, the beloved show came to an end, leaving a void in the crafting community.

Aside from her television contributions, Duvall also authored several books, including the popular titles Wanna Make Something Out of It? and Paper Crafting With Carol Duvall. These publications served as valuable resources, inspiring and guiding enthusiasts to unleash their creativity through various crafting endeavours.

Even beyond her TV success, Duvall’s impact on people’s lives was truly remarkable. During a Television Critics Association press event in Pasadena in 1997, Dennis Franz, the acclaimed star of NYPD Blue, approached Duvall and expressed his familiarity with her work. “You’re in my kitchen every morning,” he affectionately remarked, highlighting the profound connection she had with her audience.

The crafting community mourns the loss of Carol Duvall, a true pioneer whose warmth, talent, and passion brought joy to countless households. Her legacy will continue to inspire and spark creativity in the hearts of crafters for generations to come.