“Tragic Road Incident Claims Life of Teenager, Leaves Friends Injured”

By | August 18, 2023



A tragic accident occurred in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, as a teenager lost his life in a deadly road incident. The 18-year-old boy was riding a motorcycle with two friends when they were hit by a red truck. The boy was killed instantly, while the others suffered severe injuries. The driver of the truck fled the scene, and the police are now searching for the suspect. Nattapong Westwood reported

In the early hours of the day, a tragic accident occurred, resulting in the death of a teenager and severe injuries to two others in a dreadful road incident. The unfortunate incident took place when three young boys were making their way back home after celebrating a friend’s birthday. Their motorcycle was struck by a red truck, causing the tragic demise of an 18-year-old boy, while the other two boys sustained serious injuries. The alleged perpetrator fled the scene, prompting law enforcement to launch a search for the culprit.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Pakorn Sanusan, the investigating officer from Nakhon Pathom City Police Station, the deadly road incident occurred around 1.30 am today. The incident took place on the Takong-Don Tum Road, in front of the Phichaiwat ice factory, Bo Plub, Nakhon Pathom city. Prompt emergency response was initiated, with rescue workers from Nakhon Pathom Hospital, Nakhon Pathom Public Health Foundation Staff, and on-duty doctors from the Nakhon Pathom Centre Hospital swiftly arriving at the scene.

The scene of the deadly road incident was filled with a group of distressed teenagers, and the sight of the deceased, identified as Thirasak, was heart-wrenching. Thirasak, an 18-year-old trainee mechanic in a vocational training institute, was found lifeless in a roadside ditch. Despite the officials’ repeated attempts at resuscitation, his weak pulse eventually ceased. A toppled green and black Honda motorcycle, with registration number 1 Kor 9818 Nakhon Pathom, lay nearby against the side of a canal. Abandoned trainers and three helmets were scattered around the area.

One of the boys, a 17-year-old named Wittaphas, provided an account of the incident. He mentioned that he was seated in the middle, with 15-year-old Paponakrit driving and Thirasak sitting at the back. As they were returning from a friend’s birthday celebration, a red pick-up truck, possibly belonging to a construction worker, side-swiped them and subsequently collided with their motorcycle.

In a tragic turn of events, Thirasak had warned his friends about the impending collision but lost control of the motorcycle, causing it to tumble into the canal. His companions ended up in the canal tunnel, while Wittaphas managed to land on the outer edge but suffered severe injuries from the impact with the concrete. In a dazed state, he sought help from the police.

Baffled by the motive behind the truck relentlessly pursuing them, Wittaphas urged the police to apprehend the perpetrator for the sake of justice. Following the deadly road incident, the truck fled towards the Don tum district. Authorities are now actively searching for the fugitive.

[Source: The Thaiger].